Thursday, January 21, 2010

Technical issues.

So, technology has won and I have been defeated....I was trying to make things easier for me and move some of my domains over to a new host...well...what happened? It's taking longer than I thought and also a bunch of stuff on my blog is now busted! UGH! I work on websites all day...I know this stuff...and I mess up my own. I still can't believe that I didn't pay attention to my own advice at work. What can I do now....not much. Stay tuned and when I get some time it will all get worked out. I also busted my computer...what is wrong with me? I tried re-formatting and I lost my drivers disks and well...the ethernet card and my audio card don't work!! GREAT!! I tried downloading them from Dell and they still don't work! I used to be the tech person and now I'm breaking all technology that comes near me. At least my ipod touch works great!

I managed to get a podcast out last weekend thanks to my LOVELY niece Samantha and I'm hoping to sisternap her mother this weekend and get her to be my co-host. We will see how that goes. I think it will be lots of fun!

I got an iPod touch from my wonderful husband for Christmas and I'm addicted to it. Not only can I now catch up on all the podcast I listen to but I also have become addicted to apps! My favorite right now is Words with Friends! If you have one download and start a game with me. My username is barknknit...go figure!

Well..I have been geting some spinning done and knitting. I cast on another paid of Spring Forward socks for's Lace KAL. I'm 2 repeats in and I tried them on last night and it's too small! I'm going to recast on with larger needles and see how that goes. It is a lovely color! It's the Darcie colorway in her Franconia line which is a cashemere, superwash merino, and nylon blend.
My pups have also been getting lots of walks because work has been crazy and I've needed to clear my head. Walking them is a great way to do that. They have also been really lazy...check this out.
So, I hope you guys have forgiven me for giving up the blog365 but it's not working for me...and work isn't making it easier to keep up with. I'll try to post once or twice a week along with podcasting but please bare with me as the links and so on get fixed. I might scrap them all and start from scratch. We'll see how it goes. I'm mostly bummed about my progress bars not working..ugh!

Ok..enough complaining about technology! Hope everyone is having a great day! Happy DOT!!


  1. UGH...........I hate technology issues!

  2. Hope the computer issues get better. I get to look forward to working on my business partner's computer this weekend. Oh, yay.

  3. Boo to technology!!!!

    Hey I'm headed down to your area next week... any yarn stores I should hit up?

  4. ahh the tech "hiccup" I call it! Not a fun time.. hope it gets better...I just tried to recover from Mozy and found that they do not put files back where they were so consequently you have no idea what is what unless you named every file, which I did not. :( But the bright side is I got "Click it!" and I love it...easy, friendly, and puts it right back where it was and shows you the actual pic when you are searching not just a file name....


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