Sunday, January 3, 2010

Shuffleboard in the cold

Today we had another fun shuffleboard tournament. This time it was set up like a real tourney. My partner in crime was my sister Gina and we made it to the finals but lost to my sister Felicia and her husband Todd.

We all had a great time. It was a bit chilly in the was great having a cup of hot chocolate and a fire.

I also got some knitting done on my nephew Owen's sweater.

Did I mention it was cold!!!

Well, it was a great day! I finally got a podcast up after a month hiatus and it's over an hour long!!!

For the sweater, I am using DIC classy and the child placket sweater from the last minute knitted gifts book. I had to rip back some of my progress.

Tonight while I was doing shownotes and uploading the podcast, my family was keeping warm.

Hope you have a great Sunday and Monday. It totally stinks to have to go back to work tomorrow!

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  1. oh burrr playing in the snow is fun, but burrr...I am near the beach on the west coast and it is in the 70s today...I think 50 is cold.. lol....I am a crocheter and enjoyed reading your blog..come visit me and I will be back to see you again... "D"

  2. The little sweater is so cute!! It's probably finished by now! Happy knitting!

  3. A shuffleboard tournament sounds like lots of fun... keep warm.


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