Monday, March 15, 2010

A new toy, and some fleecy goodness!!

This weekend was pretty crazy! Special K had a friend from home in town for the weekend so we stayed out late! I also had lots of things that I had to do...such as helping out with the Pinellas Weavers Guild Auction. Every other year we do an auction and the other years we have a sale. The auction was a lot of fun but the best part was that I got a loom for $12!!! I was so flipping excited! It's missing the heddles and I need a shuttle and a reed threader but otherwise I can't wait to get it working!!

Look how pretty it is after I wiped it down with some wool oil.
If you know what kind of loom this is or have any share! Thank you so much!
Also this weekend I managed to scour some of the black Corriedale fleece I have. I separated them into locks and scoured in lock formation because I plan to comb them. They came out so pretty!

Here are all the yummy fleecy goodness laying to dry!
Well..I hope everyone is doing great! I hope you enjoyed this drive by posting! ;)


  1. The loom is gorgeous. What a wonderful bargain.

  2. That loom is friggin beautiful! What a great buy!

  3. That loom is cool, portable also! What are you going to make? I just started a table runner


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