Monday, March 22, 2010

Maryland Sheep and Wool here I come!!

So, this weekend was full of spending time with my family and my dad and planning my upcoming fiber adventure!!!

I decided last week that I wanted to go to Maryland Sheep n Wool...the next step was making it happen. In the end, it all just seems to be working out! My plan is I'll be flying up to NC on the Friday before the Festival and my friend will pick me up from the airport, then we'll drive up and meet another friend up in the Baltimore area and stay at a hotel for Friday and Saturday night! During those two days, we'll have plenty of meeting new people and fiber fumes!! I can't wait!

Saturday, I'll be joining a couple other podcasters, when I get the final details I'll let you know, for a meet n greet at the festival from 11-1pm! It should be tons of fun...and I'm sure I'll be just as big a fan girl with the other podcasters as the people coming to meet them! :)

Sunday after shopping a bit, we plan to head back to NC and then I'll be staying there for a couple days as I spend time with my best friend from high school!

I'm looking forward to the whole weekend! If you are going to be at the Festival please let me know!! I look forward to meeting everyone! I'll be wearing my barknknit shirt on Saturday so other than my latiness..hehe..that will be a way to recognize me. If you want to pick up some barknknit apparel you can to at

This is a picture of me in my shirt chatting away at SAFF.
Other than planning this weekend, we did manage to get our whole house spring cleaned! It took us several hours and lots of sneezing on my part but it's done! My MIL will be arriving LATE saturday night for a weekend of fun!! I can't wait for a five day weekend and enjoying family time!


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  2. Nice!! I'm jealous! This is the first time in 5 years that I'm missing it! I will be heading down to FL for a family vacay for a few days. Sad to miss you!!

    eta: I deleted the last one- forgot to sign out of my girl scout account (has my co-leader's name on it)! I bet you were thinking who the heck is Brandy?!

  3. I KNOW MDS&W is going to be fabulous for you, Gnat!!

  4. Cool! I'm going to hit the NH Sheep & Wool this year but not sure about any others...

  5. Looking forward to meeting you at MDS&W!

  6. Are you alright? I have messaged you on Ravelry a couple of times regarding delivery of our Project #5, but I am guessing you have not logged in there lately. You mentioned you had been under the weather, so I do hope all is well and that you are feeling better. Please email me and let me know how you are, and if you have delivery photos yet. Thanks!


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