Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dogs on Thursday! Lazy dogs...

Lazy boys...I should say :) This weekend while relaxing before starting out day...this is how the boys decided to hang out! I thought it was just too cute! Jackjack loves his daddy!The pups have been hanging in there. They both got baths two nights ago so their cuddles increased! And they get invited up on the bed at night to get more cuddles...when they are dirty...they don't get to do that anymore. :) They have also been enjoying our walks since the pollen has left and I can breathe!!

What they really really want to do is go swimming! We need to talk to Aunt Manda about heading over to her house for some doggie swim time!! They LOVE it so much!
Here they are last year in a downpour but still loving the water! It's funny how they hate rain but if they can swim in the rain they are fine! ;)
Hope you have a great Dogs on Thursday!! Happy Doggies!


  1. Love the boys on the sofa. It's amazing what they'll put up with in the name of togetherness!

  2. I love the action shot of the pup flying thru the air!

  3. Cute pups -- and old dog, too. ;)

  4. What a great picture! lol You can almost hear them yelling, "Cannonball!!!!!"


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