Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm back!! I promise! Lots to catch up on! I know I've been silent on here for about 2 months. My father commented the other day that I haven't posted since MARCH! Can you believe that! much has been going on and if you follow me anywhere else you would have already learned some of this but I'm going to start catching you up with what's been going on with me for the last two months or so! :) I'll try to be as quick as possible...but you all know me...I talk a lot! :)

Ok...first we'll start with the biggest news! We are pregnant! Special K and I are expecting our first on Nov. 29th. We are both really excited along with our families! I'm not really showing too much yet so no picture of the baby bump but I'm sure that will come! :) What I will show you is our last ultrasound picture! On May 20th, when we were 12 wks and 3 days, we got to see our baby for the 2nd time. It was so amazing! The baby was moving around a lot and actually looks like a baby now! What do you think??

At first we had some discussions about whether or not we'd find out the sex but in the end we decided that if the baby cooperates that on July 19th we'll find out! We already have names and we both will be happy with either but I want a girl and SK is hoping for a boy. I've been feeling like it's going to be a boy because I want a girl but we'll see. I'll be happy with either.

The next big thing is I've had to say good bye to my 20s. On May 21st, I turned the big 3-0! :) Yes, I'm now officially in my 30s! I'm pretty excited about it honestly and other than feeling like I'm getting fat(belly bump) I feel great!! Special K surprised me when I got home from work that day with a cake, some blueberry muffins(my favs), and two cards. One card was from him and one was from the baby! It was just too cute!!
Yes, the candles say over the hill...After that we headed out to dinner at Carraba's with family and had a great evening! They told the restaurant that it was my birthday so of course I got sang to! :)

Well, other than those two things a lot has been going on. I've been knitting away, which right now I don't have any pictures but I'll get some soon to share with you! I've also been spinning!

I still need to post picture of my Maryland Sheep n Wool trip, which you can hear about now on my podcast. my getting back to blogging post! I'll be back soon! I hope you enjoyed this "quick" update and come back to read more!


  1. Welcome back! I wonder if Baby will cooperate?

  2. A belated happy birthday, and Penny and I will look forward to finding out if Baby Gnat is a boy or a girl!


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