Saturday, August 21, 2010

Spinning and Knitting and Fleeces away!

Oh the week has flown glad it's the weekend!!  We'll start with crafting because that's the fun part of my week.  I've managed to keep up with my goal for the Summer Tour Spinning.  Every day even if it's only 15 minutes, I've been spinning.  Thursday I spent two hours spinning while watching a movie.  I've still got a lot of spinning to do though and loving every minute of it!  I've been working on spinning up the cormo single and the brown merino singles.  Once I fill those three bobbins then I'll move on to the white Corriedale single.
Spinning Cormo
 A friend Catie is coming over tonight, she is neither a spinner or knitter but we are planning to watch hours of Trueblood Season 3 so I plan to spin spin spin!  Her boyfriend and my husband are going to their fantasy football draft so we plan to do anything but hang out with them.

For a knitting update, I've been working diligently on my Shalom Cardigan goal.  Which is to beat how many days I knit it last time.  So far, I've been knitting it for a week and I'm almost done!!  I have the sleeves left and then I'll be ready to weave in ends and sew on buttons.  I'm hoping I can finish it today!!  This morning I met up with Manda at a bakery near her house called Frida's!  It was SOO yummy!  I had a bacon, egg and cheese bagel with some very yummy coffee.  We sat and knit and talked for several hours and had a wonderful time.  I brought home some donuts for Special K and he enjoyed them. 
Knitting at Frida's with Manda
 Our plan was to go to the UPS store after and send off our fleeces but we decided after spending so much time there, that she would send them off on Monday. So, one of my fleeces has been handled.  I still need to split up the two smaller fleeces I have in lock formation and get them ready to clean.  I'm going to work on filling up a bunch of lingerie bags and have them ready to scour them all at once!  If I can get these two fleece's cleaned before the baby gets here I will be very happy!
Raw Dirty Fleece when I first got it.

Baby update, she is doing very well.  She is enjoying her little soccer game in my belly and getting really good and making every kick count.  Special K has now been able to really feel her which I love because it's amazing to share this feeling with him!  My belly is growing and I'll work on getting a picture of it soon.   We've also been working on finding a daycare.  We met one of our options on Friday and we both really liked her.  She's close, nice, comes highly recommended.  We meet another one on Tuesday and hopefully we'll have one set by the end of next week so I can take this worry off my plate.  It's so hard to know who you can trust with your baby! 

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!  I'm hoping to have my podcast recorded tomorrow while Special K is golfing.  

Happy Knitting, Spinning and Fleecy goodness!!


  1. Glad to here the little one is very active. You are going to have your hands full!

    Fleece...nice! Are you sending it somewhere on the East Coast?

  2. One of my favorite moments EVER was when a friend grabbed my hand in the middle of a board meeting and I felt her little one KICKING. We were the only women in the meeting, so that made it all the better, somehow...

  3. Maybe she is going to be a soccer player :)


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