Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Frog Pond Revisted.

Some of you may remember, back in February for the Ravelympics I knit the Shalom Cardigan by Meghan McFarlane.  I managed to finish it in 14 days!  Yes, it's a fast knit!  When I finished it and tried it on...I was really not happy with it.  Here is a picture of me in it right after I finished it. 
Now for you knitters, yes I sewed on the buttons and wove in all the ends.  I did not block it because I knew I didn't like the modifications I made.  Even back then I think I knew that the day would come where this cardigan would meet the frog pond but I held out.  I waited.  I tried it on several times, hoping that I would magically find a way to be comfortable in it.  The yoke bunched up when I wore it and I was uncomfortable. Anytime I made it out of the house with it on, it just magically came off very quickly.  So, I finally just bit the bullet and this past weekend, I pulled out the ends and the buttons and frogged it.  For you non-knitter out there, frogging means to rip out the knitting.  Because you rip, rip, rip...becomes frogging. 

In the end I am very happy I frogged it.  Having it in my sweater drawer taunting me with it's bad fit and poor decisions on modifications to the pattern on my part was just killing me. 

I have already soaked the yarn to remove all the kinks from it being knit and I completed knitting the yoke, separating for the sleeves, and am back on the body part.  I am happy knitting it again.  This is a great pattern.  I don't love how the pattern fits at the top that is why I am again making modifications but this time I am using someone else's modifications that have been tested and I like how they look.  Here's hoping they work because I will not knit this three times!

My other goal with this cardigan is to knit it faster than I did last time.  I think I can beat 14 days.  I'm already a third of the way through since Saturday.  I think I can, I tink I can.

To catch you up on my life, last week with Special K's sister and nephew in town it was very busy!!  They left on Friday but Friday night I had a baby shower for a friend, then Saturday I had a Pinellas Weavers Guild board meeting.  By Saturday afternoon, I really did not want to leave the house or do anything other than craft.  I had a long craft todo and only got about halfway through but that's OK. 

My summer tour spinning is going really well!! I have managed to spin every day for at least 10 minutes and am making lots of progress.   I think I will have almost 3 bobbins full of singles soon.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  Happy Knitting, Spinning, and Doggie lovin! :)


  1. I'm wanting to spin yarn for that cardigan....one day! lol I hate to frog things...wow and especially when its finished! Take care of yourself!

  2. Good for you!!! I have a bamboo vest I SHOULD frog, but I don't love the yarn, so... why bother?

  3. I've had that cargidan on the needles since before the ravalympics I think. I can't get past the yoke. I hate the ribbing through the back loop! I think I might frog it too!


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