Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ten on Tuesday: What to bring on vacation.

This week's Ten on Tuesday theme is what ten items would you bring on vacation.

1. Knitting!!  This is a no-brainer. I usually pack too many projects but I try to get a complicated project and a simple project to drag along on vacation.

2. Camera.  To take pictures of all the pretty sites and people we visit.

3. Ipod.  This is for multiple reasons. One being I can listen to music while we are waiting to travel or we can play games on the ipod or I can record segments of the podcast.

4. Wallet. :) Yeah, I know obvious but you never want to leave home without it.

5. A good book or magazine.  Always good to have options when you are waiting for flights.

6. Snacks.  I like to travel with my own snacks so I can both save money and have stuff I know I'll want.

7. A bathing suit.  You never know when there will be a chance to swim in a hotel pool, beach, or jacuzzi!

8. Sense of humor and adventure.  Often times vacation don't always go as planned.  You want to be able to laugh if your plane is delayed and you end up in an airport for hours or if your luggage gets lots.  You also want to be able to seize the day and try new things if plans change.

9. Travel companion.  Whether that be your husband, boyfriend, or family..it's always nice to travel with others.

10. Passport, Tickets, and ID.  If you don't bring this, you may get stuck not going where you wanted to go. :)

Ok...hope you enjoyed my ten on tuesday!  Happy Tuesday and hope everyone is doing great!


  1. Funny how similar these lists are this week...

  2. The lists always start with knitting...that is always number one on mine!

  3. Love this list, especially #9, I might just borrow it (the list, not the companions :-))


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