Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Knitting, spinning, and spinning oh my!

Hello blogland! It has been awhile since I posted. I am working on that! I have a plan for this blog. First I plan to post blog posts...yes, that's a simple plan but it's needed for the rest of my plans. Second, I am going to add some variety to my posts. Right now I could probably post many things about my little girl but I am going to make sure to keep posting about jackjack, Abigail, knitting, and spinning and more too. Third, as said little girl starts solid soon I plan to chronicle her journey into learning to feed herself. I will go into this more soon but for now that's all you get. Ok, so there are my general plans. I hope you all come back or stick around to read more!

So today we are starting with some spinning! During my maternity leave I did very little crafting. It took me a while to figure out how to forgo wanting to pass out as soon as little CGR fell asleep. The first and only spinning I've done since she was born was this lovely silk merino! It's spun woolen from a politically incorrect batt. I had the colors stay in the same repeats and then I Navajo plied it. It's a little heavier than a worsted and I plan to make a hat out of it.

The next thing I've been working on is a hat for a friends infant. I made my friend a red hat for christmas and now making her daughter a similar one. It's a improvised pattern with some leftover sock yarn I had in my stash. I also used some of this yarn for a hat for CGR that I'll have to share a picture of her in soon.

The next thing I've started working on is prepping some lovely polworth fiber that kigeliakitten sent me as a gift! She saw on twitter I was interested in trying out this fiber and graciously sent me this! It's so soft and I can't wait to start spinning!

Well, that is what I am working on right now. I don't get too much crafting time but it's getting more and more as she gets bigger. Also my best friend sent me a hands free pump bra so while I pump at work I can now knit! That's about 20 mins or so a day which adds up over time.

Hope everyone is doing well! The pups, CGR and special k all say hello as well and hope I still have people who are out there wanting to read about little me aka barknknit. Now the crazy knitting dog mom. :)


  1. Still reading...

    The pump sounds great! I wound up dumping the pump and used my hands...for both of my children. I got so much more milk this way.

    Kudos to you for pumping and working. She'll thank you one day.

  2. It looks like you're working on a lot of stuff :) I'm impressed by anyone who manages to have a baby and get anything else done.


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