Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dogs on Thursday!

Been a while since I posted about my pups, let alone posted a DOT post so I figured with one post I'd knock them both off my list.  Jackjack and Abigail Grace are doing great!  When I got home from the hospital after having Carmen they were so excited to see me!!

I came in first by myself and let them out back and loved on them.  Special K brought in Carmen into the house in her carrier and then the dogs and I came in from out back. They were very curious about her smell but they did great.

They were also very curious once we took her out but did so well when we asked them to give us some room.

At first they weren't sure what this creature was that was taking all of mommy's time and daddy was running around but then she started to cry less and make noises.  I try to remember every night to take her around and say good night to them and then in the morning we say good morning to them.  They know it's coming so when we go to say good night or good morning then come over and sniff her and sometimes get a good lick in.  It's our routine and I like it!

I look forward to the day that she interacts more with them but for now I hope to teach them to appreciate her and her them.  Abigail sometimes beats me to the crib when Carmen wakes up and sticks her nose in to check her out.  It's pretty cute!  Abby also likes to join us if we are on the couch nursing. She's figured out that I have a free foot to pet her.

Today it's been raining both cats and dogs all day and as I think I've mentioned before Miss Abigail and Mr. Jackjack do not like to go outside if it's raining.  The only way we can get them to go potty is to actually take them on a walk in the rain and get soaked along with them.  So, as I played with Carmen tonight, Special K took them out in the rain.  They got back all wet and really tired.  Here's Abby watching me wash bottles.

And since Jackjack is hard to picture in the dark, here is an old picture of him chilling on the couch on top of my knitting.  He's in the same position tonight but sans knitting.

Happy Dogs on Thursday!!


  1. Melt. Very sweet! Good to see the fur-kids again. ;)


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