Friday, April 1, 2011

Carmen is 4 months old!!

4 months ago today, little miss Carmen Grace came into our lives and changed it forever.  It's amazing how much she has taught me about life, love, and motherhood already.  She's changed my view on so many things in her short time on this earth.  Just watching her grow makes me happy.  I can sit and watch her discover the world and just be amazed.  Her little voice brings joy to my heart and I can't wait to watch her learn more and more.

She grows so fast and I try so hard not to miss anything.  That has been the hardest thing about going back to work...missing the things she does during the day.  As my dad has reminded me over and over again..."It's about quality time not quantity."

In her first 4 months, I've watched her learn to smile at more than just gas, roll over from her tummy to her back, start enjoying tummy time, cry less and less and communicate more, discover her hands and the taste of her fingers, and learn to giggle.  I look forward to what comes next.  She has been concentrating so hard on getting moving.  As we continue to learn about the world together, I hope to share her experiences as well as my thoughts on motherhood and more.  Stay tuned!

Happy 4 months to my little baby girl Carmen Grace.


  1. Happy 0.25 year birthday Carmen!

  2. Welcome to Motherhood - it's an amazing journey, isn't it? Little Miss Princess is adorable. g


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