Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dogs on Thursday: Letting the dogs out.

The Barknknit pups are doing really good!  As has been discussed, they are doing really good adjusting to life with CGR. She is already a dog lover!  She loves to watch any dog around her and she just wants to pet them aka grab them and put their fur in her mouth if they are close enough!    We have several rituals we do with her and the dogs.  One is we like to go around and say "Good morning" or "Good night" to the pups.  She usually gets a nice big wet tongue but she just goes along with it.   Another thing she likes to do with the pups is go and watch them while they are being let out in the backyard.  Here is one of these experiences in pictures.

Abby likes to hang out in the screened in back porch with us.  Abbygirl knows this is the best place to be to get pet and for some lovin. 

However, if Abby hears a pup or person passing by the fence then she runs out to join Jackjack in the barking!  This prompted little miss CGR to call out to them and or join their barking at the innocent person passing by. 

Then Jackjack came over to get his love in before we headed inside.

It's amazing to see that our love of our pups is already being matched by her.  I'm sure as the weeks come when she starts crawling and moving she'll annoy poor ole grumpy Jackjack but Abbygirl will be delighted when she learns how to pet her for real.  The big question is how to teach Abbygirl not to pet her back! :)  I'll keep you posted on that one.

Hope you are all having a fantastic week!  We have been having lovely plumbing issues which are now resolved but forced us to take showers at our families houses.  We look forward to this Easter weekend as well...which also happens to be daddy aka Special K's birthday on Sunday!

Happy DOT!!!

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  1. Sweet photos of the baby girl and HER pups! ;)


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