Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day and Good Friday!

With today being Earth Day and Good Friday all in one, I figured I'd start with some green talk and tell you about a family tradition.

How green are you?  What do you do that you would consider being "Earth" friendly? I've often thought that I wish I was "greener" than I am.  Currently, we try to use some natural cleaners but we don't do enough in my opinion.  I wish we did more recycling and ate only fruits and veggies from the farmers market and so much more that would benefit the world and us but alas we do not!

If I had my way, I would not just be a breastfeeding, somewhat baby wearing momma but I'd also be a cloth diapering one.   When we were pregnant, the conversation between Special K and I went something like this.  "I plan to breastfeed"..."ok"..."what do you think about cloth diapers?"..."not into them."..."ok."  I'm sure there was more to it than that but that's how I remember it.  As you can tell, I was ok not trying them out.  My sister had tried them and she had problems with leaking and it didn't work out for her.   I also knew we'd have a hard time finding daycare that would support this cloth diapering idea and I was already having such a hard time finding one that I was comfortable with.  In the end, my niece is our daycare provider until the fall but I did talk to my nanny niece about cloth diapering once and she was the same as Special K...not into them.   So, we've never tried them but I feel if I was a stay at home mom that I would put more effort into trying them as I do think they are a great idea.  Well...maybe someday with the next baby I'll try them out.  So...for this Earth Day I will  put it out there...someday I plan to be more green by trying cloth diapers...someday...but as sad as it is...that day is not today.

Cloth Diapering Mommas out there...did you try cloth diapers?  What worked for you?  What didn't?

On a happy note, my baby is a happy girl!  She is spending today with her daddy because he has the day off!  I wish I was staying home with them but instead I have to head to work...oh well.  Some of you may have already seen this video but here is my girl laughing at her cousin Crazy boy! :)  He's a riot!

I love her laugh and I melt every time I hear it!

Good friday:
When I was a little girl growing up in Panama, my family had a tradition.  On Good Friday, we'd all pile in the car and go to 7 yes, count that 7 different churches.  Each church represented a station of the cross.  I'm sure I complained a lot when I was young but I appreciated the tradition and my father always bribed us with lunch out afterwards.   Today as I work, I will remember all the beautiful old churches we visited in Panama and remember the many times we visited them when I was growing up.

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday!  I will be working all day and then heading to a wedding at night.  It will be the most time away from little CGR I have had yet.  I will miss her tremendously but I know that her and her daddy will have a good day together.

Well...better get to bed and schedule this for tomorrow!  Have a lovely Friday and happy Earth Day and Good Friday!

God Bless


  1. Love that video...

    What a beautiful Good Friday tradition! We did Stations of the Cross, but somehow, walking around the perimeter of the sanctuary, stopping in front of each "station" just wasn't but so powerful...

  2. I love baby giggles.

    When I was young, I lived on the Gulf Coast of Mississippi and there was a Jesuit retreat just down the road. They had outdoor stations in their enclosed garden. One of the brothers was a fantastic gardener and each station was like its own chapel. I wonder if it survived Katrina?

  3. Happy Easter Gnat!! My kids are 42, almost 41 and 38--my son would have been 39. In my day they were just coming out with disposables. Still had to pin them. No elastic in the legs and they leaked. Let's just say my diaper pail never had a rest for 7 1/2 years. Personally today--I would use disposables, especially if I worked Darling baby. You go girl


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