Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Carmen meets solids the baby led solids way!

Ok, it's official!  We are officially starting solids when Carmen is 5 1/2 months old. I posted about Baby Led Weaning or Baby Led Solids as it's starting to be called in the US back in this post.  Back then I was still not ready for her to actually "eat" anything but she was showing signs of readiness so we were giving her tastes of apples and pears.  Well, last week my girl decided that she was going to sit up on her own and this was the last sign I was waiting for before officially starting.
Check out these sweet sheepie pajamas!
 So, last Thursday while I was at my sister's house, we pulled out a banana and let her eat it!

This is actually the 2nd time I've let her have banana but the first time I wasn't ready and when she got a big bite and spit it out, I stopped giving her more.  I really think she liked the banana but she didn't like the fresh banana as much as once it had been a little manhandled.   When she would taste the new banana piece she would shake her head a bit.  The banana was VERY messy and like my sister said she smelled like banana pudding but she seemed to enjoy it and she was able to get a good handle on getting it to her mouth.   A couple times she squeezed the banana pretty hard and broke it up but as she kept trying she seemed to start getting it.  I think banana is a good start and I plan to give her more bananas.

Our 2nd food this weekend was Avocado!  This was so fun!  But how can you resist this cuteness!  And check out those pups who didn't know what was coming there way! :)
 She got super messy but I knew she would so I just put her in her booster chair in only her diaper.  I'm not big on bibs and I only think Carmen has had one or two bibs on and one was for a picture.  She got a bath right after this experience with Avocado.

Since then she has been so interested when I eat anything...thinking she will get a taste but I haven't given her anything.  We haven't had time when she is not already sleepy and we are home.  Hoping to be able to give her the other half of the avocado before it goes bad.  And I have a sweet potato to bake to give her too.

Well, I hope you enjoyed these videos.  Other than daddy not being too excited about the mess it makes, we are having a GREAT time watching her figure things out!

Oh and a quick recap:  Both Avocado and Banana are a great first solid food but are very messy and takes some skill for them to be able to pick up and get to their mouth without them being mush! :)

Happy Eating the BLS way.


  1. Hooray! If Gretchen came to visit, she could help with the banana clean-up. It's her favorite food.

  2. Looks like she's loving the new food!


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