Friday, July 1, 2011

Organizing my WIPs!

I mentioned in the post the other day about how I've been getting back to my knitting.  It started when I dove into my stash to look at what's there and what I have on the needles.  I also decided that I needed to organize the projects I have on the needles so that I only have a couple I'm actively working on.  I decided the best way to do this was to pick themes for projects.  I often times have a project sitting in a specific place to work on for a specific time.  Such as my nightstand, in the stash closet for couch knitting, and in my purse or diaper bag for travel knitting.  Using this theme, I organized the projects on my needles into four categories and picked out some projects that I have been wanting to knit and add those to the lists.  This is what I came up with.  Project currently on the needles are in bold.  I've posted this on the group on and also talked about it on the podcast.  It has morphed a couple times. :)

Travel  Project:
  1. Barknknit’s Barknknit Raising Quilt by Shelley Mackie and Larissa Brown (longterm project)
  2. Barknknit’s Simple Anklet made up pattern
Challenging Project:
  1. Barknknit’s Moonfleet by Janine Le Cras
  2. Aidez Cirilia Rose
Selfish Project:
  1. Barknknit’s My Hemlock Ring Blanket pattern by Jared Flood
  2. Spectra by Stephen West
Carmen/baby Project:
  1. Simple Burpcloths in a pattern that I made up. (yes the projects page says I completed it but there is one left on the needles that I'm gifting to a friend)
  2. Soakers for a friend (edited to add this)
  3. Toddler Raglan Hoodie by Megan Goodacre
  4. Baby Tiered Coat and Jacket by Lisa Chemery
Feel free to take this idea and post a similar post on your blog and come back and link it in the comments so I can  go check it out!

Since I'm sure many of you are like me and feel pictures are important on blog posts.  Here is a WIP pic of my Hemlock Ring Blanket that I've been working on since last April!
I'm SO SO close to being done.  I'm on the bind off and I chose to do the knitted bind off and once I figured it out it's going famously. My plan is to have this off the needles this weekend.  I really want to cast on the Spectra which I have the yarn in my stash for but promised myself I couldn't until I finish the hemlock ring.  Wish me luck!

The project bag was gifted to me by my friend Amanda who used to be NH Knitting Mama but is now Sunflower Yarns.  You should definitely check out her online store!

Happy Knitting!!!

PS...Tour de Fleece starts tomorrow and so you'll actually get some spinning content soon!


    1. Hurrah for WIP organization! Bigger hurrah for Tour de Fleece! Can't wait to see what you do for that.

    2. It's good to be organized. good on you!


    Thank you for leaving a comment! I appreciate them all!