Monday, July 25, 2011

Still using Cloth?

So, my three bites of cloth diaper trial weekends came and went and I didn't tell you what happened?  So, here is the very quick version.  We started out this trial with one weekend.  I had 10 BumGenius 3.0s which are pocket diapers, 3 Econobums which are prefolds and covers, and I got 3 Thirsties covers and a ton of prefolds.  The first weekend went great and quickly and I mean quickly went to us using the cloth diapers nights and weekends.  I immediately loved the cloth.  I love her big fluffy butt in the cloth diaper and I liked the fact that it was all cloth touching her skin and no plastic or chemicals.  I thought that they would be gross and difficult but other than having to keep up with washing them they haven't been.  I still need to install the diaper sprayer which will make it even easier but for now it's all working!
CGR's very first cloth diaper! 
 After that first weekend, I already was using them at night.  Whenever I change her diaper as long as it's not the morning diaper that she goes to her nanny's then it's a cloth!  I have used the prefolds a couple times, however, I'm a much bigger fan of the pockets and they get a lot more use.  I will use the prefolds now if I run out of the pockets and need something to put on her.  They don't make her feel very dry like the microfleece pockets do and so she seems a bit uncomfortable.  I think if we used them often she would get used to it as well as we'd be changing her more and that is always a good thing.

My hubby is still resistant against the cloth.  He doesn't understand why I want to do this and I don't understand why he is resistant.  This weekend I made with the help of my sister some cloth wipes.  I took some of the receiving blankets that I don't plan to reuse...I had so many...and made 2 layer cloth wipes with them.  My sister really helped the most with this!   I also got a spray bottle because I don't plan to store them wet as we aren't using them all day but spray them and use them like that.  I have not started this as I couldn't get the 97 cent spray bottle to work but Special K thankfully fixed that!  I made the wipes just big enough to fit in an old Huggies container so they pop out like the regular wipes do.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I figured since I'm already doing diaper laundry what would adding wipes do.
Cloth diapers also make a great pillow when in shopping

I also would love to try out a couple other types of pocket diapers and maybe some All in Twos or hybrids.  That involves spending money on them and since the hubby is still resistant we'll see when I get to increase my fluff stash.  I would love to increase the amount of non prefolds I have by double since right now I can't seem to make it through the weekend without a Saturday night laundry load.  I don't mind doing the load but I would love not to have to so I'd have enough to get me through the weekend. I already have my list of ones I want to try.

Well...all in all I am a cloth diapering convert!  If I stayed at home, little miss CGR would be in cloth all the time.  If you are even considering doing cloth diapers, you should try the three bites weekend.  I know several online retailers do a trial pack that you can use and send back.  This would be a great way to figure out if you even like them.  They are a big investment if unlike me, you don't already have some in the family to try.  I hope that you'll consider them.

I'm sure you will hear more about them as time comes.  I will do a review of the ones I try once I start trying them.  The ones I have are no longer produced so I can do a review but honestly you'd only be able to get them used.

Happy Cloth Diapering!


  1. Bumgenius were our first and I fell in love immediately!! Love the ribbit pillow hee-hee.

  2. Hey Natalie! I'm so glad to hear that you are enjoying cloth diapering so much! I plan on doing it myself as well, once this little one decides to make her appearance into this world! It really could be any moment, she is due tomorrow, the 26th of July, so we'll see!

    I did some extensive research and finally instoduced the idea to my husband. Of course I had him at, "in the long run, it will be less expensive than disposible diapers" :o) He went into an extensive analysis comparing prices over the span of diaper wearing from birth to potty training and he was hooked! LOL! After the analysis, of course he also appreciated the idea that it would be less harsh on our little one's bum.

    We already have quite a few disposible diapers, so we will go through those first, then introduce the cloth diaper at about 2 months or so, so we will see how that goes. The ones that I'm really leaning towards trying are the Grovia, as I like that they are hybrid and that the little covers are reusable if she doesn't have such a big blowout!

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing! I will let you know how it goes for us, and wish me luck!


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