Monday, July 25, 2011

Where to begin...she's one of us.

So much has been going on that I'm not even sure where to begin.  This often happens when I've been away from blogging and podcasting.  I get so overwhelmed with all I want to talk about that I don't even post and then it just keeps piling up! ;)  So, here I go...just going to dive right in with the first thing on my mind....more allergies in my little family.

What has been occupying so much of my mind lately is the fact that we found out recently that Little Miss CGR is allergic to eggs, peanuts and milk.  I know many of you out there will be like, why did you even give any of these things to her in the first place!  Well, to my knowledge before this long experience, we didn't have food allergies in the family...this has since come out that in fact we do!  And doing the BLWing route, and researching about eggs, it states that if there are no food allergies that it's ok to give eggs to a baby before 1 years old.  Well, that didn't quite go very well with CGR.  I gave her some scrambled egg and she quickly had an allergic reaction.  She never had any issues breathing but she got a rash all over her body and was VERY itchy!  We took her to the doctor and they gave her benadryl and ordered a blood draw for an allergy test.  Since I'm allergic to so many environmental things, we included the environmental test for her as well.
Carmen and her new doggie bone teether.

After the experience was all over and she was fine, it was my emotions that ran away with me.  I felt like it was all my fault and I had done this to her.  I'm glad we found out now because what if we had given her the flu shot?  She would have had a reaction to that....maybe this is why she's had some reaction to the other vaccines she's gotten.  This also could be contributing to her acid reflux, because I have been eating these things.  I LOVE them with a passion!  I love them scrambled, fried, deviled, and in things like french toast and omelets!  Seriously...eggs are so yummy!  Since she is so allergic to these, I'm trying really hard not to have any and I have succeeded but man has it been hard. 

The other thing we found out was that she has a stage 1 allergy to dogs.  Which isn't that bad and not surprising since so many of my family members are allergic to them but we all have them except one sister.  She's around dogs all the time and other than some sneezing here and there really doesn't have much reaction to them.  The doctor said to limit her exposure to them and keep the dogs out of her room.  We're working on that but it's hard and she loves them so much that I can't really not let her love on her own puppies.

Well...this is what we are going through right now.  I'm trying to adjust my eating and it hasn't been easy but I think it will be for the best.  I can't eat all the cookies and cupcakes and milkshakes I want anymore.  And that is a good thing. :)

As many have said, this too shall pass.  There is a big possibility that she will outgrow the egg and milk allergy and the peanut is a big maybe but we'll get to that when we do.  Changing my eating habits is good because that way if I can't eat it, we can't give it to her.  Great practice to adjust our diets now. 
Little Miss Carmen has been getting a lot more solid foods.  She's been eating peaches like a champ and this weekend I actually picked up some puffs and she did a great job with them!  She LOVES them!  She's also had some zucchini, sweet potato, avocado, tortilla, pita, and I'm sure more.  She's getting really good at eating things.  Since she's crawling all over the place now with quickness she's also hungrier so it's a good thing.

Hope you enjoyed an update about allergies and Carmen.  If you all recall, everyone in my little family other than Special K is allergic to something.  I'm allergic to the world of pollens, dust, grasses, dogs, cats, and more.  Jackjack is allergic to Lamb.  Abby is allergic to rice, turkey and chicken.  And we welcome Carmen to the allergy family with Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, and dogs.   Special K is the odd person out...hope he stays allergy free!

Happy Living!


  1. Good luck! You'll adjust, you have a great support system, and there's so much more information out there than there used to be!

  2. I think you've got a good attitude about dealing with all of the allergies. And it's good that Carmen is enjoying trying all of the solid foods that she *can* eat - I hope that adventurous spirit continues.

  3. Do not feel guilty. Babies are supposed to be introduced to new foods. The fact that you were immediately able to figure out it was the eggs means you are a great mom. Definitely look at some vegan recipe sites. You may find some good egg free versions for your favorite recipes.


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