Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween from the Barknknit Family!!

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Halloween!  They say it's going to rain most the day so we're hoping it clears up so it doesn't ruin our fun plans!  The plan as it is every year is to hang out at my sister Fleas' house and hand out candy and scare the neighborhood! The Leslee Lake Monster will live again!!

Here are some pictures we took at the Pumpkin Patch!  Hope you enjoy and have a GREAT Halloween!
The Rush Family

CGR LOVES pumpkins!
All kinds of pumpkins!

The Rush Family
She is a happy baby!
and she loves her daddy!
And she is the cutest little lamb in the world!

Tricky Tricky Halloweeny!


  1. What fun photos! Happy Halloween!

  2. What beautiful pictures. She is such a "cutie".

  3. Super cute! And Happy Halloween!


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