Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dia de los Muertos...

Tonight was very interesting...

For a couple months now, I have started going to a new knitting group.  It's much smaller than the one I used to attend at Panera's on Wednesday but it's been a great little group that meets every Tuesday.   One of my old co-workers attends and it's nice to see her at least once a week.  It also worked out PERFECT because right after I started going, my hubby decided he would finish up the school he started a couple years ago and they have class mon. and wed. nights.  Now that I go on Tuesday nights, his return to class has been seamless for the most part.  

Anyway...back to why it was interesting. We have moved our meeting around a couple times, however, we have been mostly meeting at a local indie coffee shop near downtown St. Pete.  It has been a great place to meet and we've encountered ALL types of meet ups from last week's admin meeting for the St. Pete Occupy group to a writer's group that meets about once a month and reads their stories out loud and then critiques each others work.   I like going because I feel we get to see a pulse of a world I don't normally encounter.  I also hear the pastries, especially the fresh baked brownies, are disgusting..just kidding...they are actually DELICIOUS but they all tell me they are gross so that I don't feel bad that I can't have them...have I mentioned I really like our little group. :) 

This week we showed up as normal, however, when we walked in the door a lady dressed in all white and face painted greeted us with a friendly hello and "Welcome to our Day of the Dead Celebration."  We all though this would be like the other groups, a side area where we could still converse and join if we so choose.  Not quite what happened...as we were figuring out the best place to park our knitting selves the lady begins her "program."  She welcomes everyone and proceeds to talk about the history of the Dia de los Muertos, which is awesome but not what we all come to knitting to do.  When she starts her first poem of the night, we look at each other and make a quick decision to find a new place to knit tonight.  I think we all felt a little guilty about leaving during the "program" but we all wanted to discuss our week and our knitting and that wasn't going to happen during her program.   We sneaked out the best we could. 

Once outside, several ladies still had not arrived so we had to figure out where to go that they could still find us.  While sitting outside the pizza place next door, we figured why not ask if we could knit in there.  They said ok, so we went in and parked ourselves at a table.   We were the only group of people in the whole pizza place other than two woman and later on two men that sat outside.  I think the pizza place was happy to have people in there and we were happy to have a place we could sit, knit, and chat.  I enjoyed myself a beer and fries but mostly the company!

Since the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup new class prompts are up on the first of the month, I had to get some project done that I could turn in.  I practiced MORE crocheting skills which I'm really enjoying.  I learned how to do the triple crochet!

Well, I hope you had a great Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos!  I know I posted pictures of my little lamb BUT I have to post this one that was taken on Halloween because she is just too cute!
The happiest cutest little lamb EVER!

and because I rarely post pictures of me and her...here's an extra!
Momma and my little lamb

Happy November!!

Edited to add:  I had wanted to share these awesome Dia de los muertos socks posted on Keep on Knitting in the Free World blog that I read! Go check them out!

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  1. Oh... that's a pet peeve of mine! I can't stand to have a "program" thrust upon me, no matter how well intended...

    Your little lamb is precious. Love that mommy & me photo!!


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