Sunday, November 6, 2011

The day of rest?

What happened to Sunday being the day of rest!  It started with a great morning nap by CGR.  Love when my little one takes a good morning nap on weekends.

After she got up, we headed to pick up my step-sister for a day of fun!  We started with a stop at the park.  She got to swing, which again...she's not a huge fan of being pushed but she likes to move it a little herself.  There was also a little 15 month old boy there who was running.  CGR couldn't stop following him and pointing.  I am pretty sure she was looking at us and asking why can't she do that.  I wish she understood her momma isn't ready for her to be running but I don't think that is going to stop her from trying.
After the park, we swung by and got Auntie CZbrats to join us in our adventure.  The first thing we needed was some yummy burgers from a local burger joint.  It was strange because it's the very first place I've gone that doesn't have high chairs.  Yes, it's a bar but most places even bars have high chairs.  CGR enjoyed being passed around and eating off her own plate.
We then stopped by a local Holiday Art Show that my friend Tinyant helped organize.  It was a great success and we enjoyed ourselves while we were there.  We didn't stay long but we got to see a lot of pretty neat local arts and crafts.  If they do it next year, I have some ideas of things I'd like to make.  We then did some shopping and home for a nap.

The day ended with some dinner with daddy and then listening to daddy read books to his little girl.  It melts my heart every time!! After CGR went to bed, we managed to squeeze in an episode of Grimm, a new kind of scary show, between football games.

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Time for bed!

Happy Day of Rest!!

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