Monday, November 7, 2011

Leaves are yummy...

I have never been a big fan of the day called's that first day of the work week and it just always feels like it takes FOREVER!  Today was unusually bad because of the time change. The first hour of work felt like 5 and the rest of the day seemed to be going in slow motion no matter the amount of actual work I was accomplishing.  When the clock struck 4 and my workday was FINALLY over, I got to pick up my girl...which is my favorite time of day.  When the daycare lady opens the door, I usually get greeted with a big screech that I like to interpret as "MOM'S HERE" and now that I have a walker...a cutie pie walking over to me!

After chatting with the daycare lady and the other mom, we headed home where our nanny-cousin met up with us.  We had snack because snacks are VERY important to a walking baby and then headed out on our walk with the pups.  Nanny-cousin opted not to bring along the stroller this time and she paid for it.  Little miss CGR with her new found walking ability, has decided that walking is the way to go! She also learned today that she can stop to pick up leaves and leaves are crinkly and fun and when no one is looking taste pretty good too!
The pups had a great time as usual.  They love our evening walks and get lots of time to smell all the smells only dogs can love. I posed them for a picture and the lady who walks every day around the lake stopped to tell me how great my pups are.  She said her dogs would never just sit there like that but would be jumping all over her.  After I released them from their sit/stay, they did go over and try to jump on her to get some I guess they aren't as good as she was thinking.   Love their cuteness though!

I hope you all had a great weekend and Monday!  I'm looking forward to a better Tuesday...especially because Tuesday brings knit night with it! :)

Happy Monday!

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