Thursday, November 3, 2011

A Fresh Cut and WIPs galore.

Tonight aka last night when this goes live, I finally got my haircut. I'm not sure I've mentioned this on the blog or not but I have really thick hair and when my hair gets too long I start to develop headaches. Yes, it can be funny for many people to think that just long hair can cause headaches but I don't joke.

The lady who cuts my hair has been cutting it for I want to say about 15 plus years.  She cuts everyone in the family's hair around here, my sisters, nieces, nephews and cousins.  She knows us all and she often gets all the family news and gossip.  She also knows that scheduling someone in our family doesn't always mean that  person will shows up for the cut but someone will.  If someone can't make it then before we cancel, you just have to ask around and usually someone needs a haircut.

Often times, I don't schedule out my haircuts, I just wait until I think I'm ready. The only time we've ever scheduled out cuts was when I was pregnant and wanted to make sure I got my haircut before I went into labor. She usually knows when I finally call, it's because I've had a headache for about a week or so and finally figured out that it's because of my hair.  This time I managed to call and get an appointment before the headaches came on.  Go me! :)

I called her and scheduled the apt for after work, thinking I would have plenty of options of who could come with me and help with CGR.  Up until this point, I have always  had what I call baby holders.   Living around my family and my family is not small, there are so many people willing to help.  This time, when I started asking around, I found out that my niece, nephew, and cousin's son had won a Hispanic award for their schools and would be at the awards ceremony that night along with their parents.  That took out more than half my baby holders.  Then my other sister and niece had to work...and with it being before Special K was off work and the last option of baby holder out of town...I wasn't sure what I would do.
Before the haircut

In the end, I decided I would go and try to use the stroller and snacks as means of entertaining her while my hair got cut.  This did not go so well.  The lady who cut my hair is always running late, so CGR did great while she washed my hair but once she started cutting, the fussing to be let out began.  I ended up with her on my lap trying to get me to understand that she wanted to walk around and that raisins and cheerios go on the floor with the hair.  She wasn't her best and of course momma did not plan to bring a pacifier, so as she did acrobatics in my arms my hair was cut.  After we were done, I think we all sighed with relief and I was told if I find any long strands just to let her know and come back in.  I haven't yet.  I also apologized more than once for the amount of snacks on the floor around us. 
left was taken on Sunday, and then a bathroom shot. :)
Last is a House Cup WIP update:

My BROOM is going swimmingly after I had to frog because I wasn't happy with how I was doing the wrap & turns for the short rows.  I found this video from Cat Bordhi showing how she conceals them and decided to rip back 11 repeats and start over.  I'm about 30+ repeats done of 85 so I still have a long way to go but I think it's coming along nicely.  It's technically on hold this week so I can get some classes turned in.
Spectra by Stephen West
 For my detention and my first class I turned in some dishcloths, but my first bigger project for classes is going so fast!  I'm doing the 3rd had for the set I discussed yesterday.  It's going out nicely and matches really well!
Rib-a-Roni by Jane Tanner

Once I'm done with that I have a laundry list of knitted gifts to get going...most have begun to fit nicely in my House Cup plan, which I will discuss soon.

Have a great Thursday and Happy Haircuts and working on WIPs!

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