Wednesday, November 2, 2011

FO round up

There has been knitting/spinning/crocheting and PLENTY of it lately!  As I've already mentioned, the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup has brought on productivity like there has never been in the barknknit house!  I am focused and I have plans each month and love it!  I have managed to knit all things the last two months but I am pretty worried about November.  I have two big projects to BROOM and my OWL and still have classes, Tri-wizard tournament, yule ball, and Headmistress Challenge to do.  This might be the month I don't get all things done....but I WILL try!

I've been able to get a lot of Christmas gifts knit and have more planned this month.  I'll be doing the same kind of collage as I did last month for the term but I wanted to throw up some FO pics for today's post.  Bring some knitting back into this knitting blog. haha.

Today we'll focus on hats!  There were  a couple hats knit last month and 2 more planned for this month.   Since most of these are gifts I can't say who they are for but here they go.  These three were all done using the Rib-a-Roni hat by Jane Tanner.
Always my favorite model! :)

This is one of three matching hats, this is the biggest of the three.
This is my model when CGR is sleeping and need to post my class. 
I also sent my SIL who is expecting a baby sometime between now and the end of Dec.  We just hope that baby wants to stay put a little longer but he/she is wanting to break free.  Her due date is Dec 24th but not sure she'll make it that far.  She had her baby shower a couple weekends ago and I sent her some hand knits so she'd have a gift from us to open and the baby would have some hand knits to keep him/her warm.  You know every baby need some cute knit items.
Aviator hat and some booties
Well, hope you enjoyed the round up!  There has been more productivity but you'll just have to wait to see it all in the collage, which should get posted soon!  I'll also share more of my projects through this month as I'm working on them.  Lots going on...especially since this is the last month of the Fall term.  December is a break month but it will be planning for the new term that starts in Jan!  So fun!

Happy Knitting!!

PS...yes, I realize green has been my theme lately.  It's not even my favorite color but I just happen to have a lot of it in my stash right now.

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  1. Cute knits! I keep meaning to knit a hat for the newborn next door. She won't be newborn forevery, huh?!


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