Monday, November 28, 2011

Some crafting diy!

As you all know, I LOVE pinterest!  And if you spend any amount of time on pinterest, you know there are tons of do it yourself stuff you can do!  The gift I plan to make CGR for her first birthday, which didn't get done this weekend, is from there and I have been finding a lot of great ideas for the future.    

One of the things I wanted to get done this weekend was to make CGR's daycare buddies a little party favor for her birthday.  We didn't invite any of her friends to her birthday party because our family is just too big for that!  The idea I came up with was to make them some big crayons!  It was quite the process to get the wrappers off the old crayons but it was fun to figure out what colors to put together and to watch them melt!  Some are going to other kids in our family and I have more crayons to make more now that I know how!  I might need to recruit more people to un-wrap them though! 

Happy Crafting and DIY!

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