Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Spinning in Public.

I love to spin at any time I can whether that's at home or in public.  I enjoy the relaxation that spinning yarn brings me, however, I do get a lot less weird looks at home than I do in public.  People often stop to ask how it works or just comment on the wheel itself.  I don't mind this at all as long as I can keep spinning while they talk. hehe!
At last night's weekly knitting meet-up, I brought my wheel because there was no sign of rain and I spun spun spun!  I'm almost done with what I hope is the LAST single for my OWL!  If I can finish it up and get it plied by the end of the weekend then hopefully I can get it all dyed up Thanksgiving weekend.  It needs to be turned in by Nov 30th so I don't have too much time left.

Hope you all had a great Tuesday!

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