Monday, November 14, 2011

Matching FOs...and happy baby

As I mentioned in a previous post, I finished my BROOM which was the Spectra scarf by Stephen West.  I can't turn it in until tomorrow but I figured I'd post pictures today.  I knit it using the only skein of Wollmeise I had and some Miss Babs in Falling Leaves that I purchased at SAFF.   When I first started knitting it, I was just following the pattern and I didn't like how the wrap and turns were working up.  I fretted over re-starting as it had taken me over a week or so to get 10 repeats done.  Yes, I had been working on other things as well but I never know how much time I'll get to craft so I cherish the time I do get.  In the end, I knew if I didn't like it now then I wouldn't like it later.  So, my shawl went from this...

to this....
I went to youtube and I found this video from Cat Bordhi about concealing the wrap & turns and cast on again.  This time it went faster as I had already memorized the pattern.  It still took me a great deal of time to get the 87 repeats of the pattern complete but I'm very happy with how it turned out!

After finishing it, I realized I still needed to cast on something for the last Yule Ball dance and the prompt says "Mini costume items are allowed as long as they use at least 25 yards."   I couldn't resist using some of the left over yarn from my Spectra to knit a mini Spectra!  I did some math in my head and cast on...since it was mini it went super fast!  I turned it in last night!  What do you think?  Cute huh?
Well, Little Miss CGR spent the day with her cousin and she had a great day!  We think the sickness is teething.  She went from snotitng all over the place to drooling all over the place.  She's still a bit snotty but not as bad as yesterday.  She is fast asleep but after a day full of this...
you would be tired too!

Happy Knitting!

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