Sunday, June 24, 2012

And this is just a Tropical Storm??

It has pretty much been raining ALL day today.  Started last night and it's suppose to continue until Tuesday!  Miss Debby is definitely doing some damage.  There has been flooding everywhere and a tornado did some damage over by Pass-a-Grille beach, which is the beach we usually go to.  And Special K just informed me that she seems to have stopped moving so this rain may continue for at least 2 more days.  Ugh!  Even with all the rain she brought, we had a great day.

Little Miss CGR decided this morning at 3:30 AM that it was party time, so she joined us in bed where she proceeded to cuddle and beat me up all at once.  While it was adorable, I'm very surprised I don't have bruises.   (I'm mostly kidding.)  We don't often let her join us in bed.  Normally, she is a great sleeper and usually sleeps through the night in her crib with no problem.  I learned early on in her life that the 3-5 AM hours for me are the hardest and when it comes to waking up at those hours...I'm a zombie!  If she does wakes up around that time, much to her daddy's annoyance, I bring her to bed with us.  Last night was no exception.  It took her what seemed like hours to get comfortable but she actually slept in once she fell asleep.  I think the darkness from the rain helped. 

After we hung out on Google+ with her Grandma Sharimom during breakfast, we braved the rain and did a little bit of shopping.  It was great to get out, however, I am happy we only went for a short time.  The grocery store that has covered parking was packed!

Since it rained all day and we have 2 of the most spoiled dogs ever, we each have had to take those big stinky dogs on walks in this mess!  They refuse to go out in the backyard when it's raining.  Since I'm pretty sure they look at us when we do try to make them go out there and say "you first," we have to get our rain gear on and head out for a walk in the rain.  I keep telling Special K that I desperately need rain boots for this purpose but that's not a priority right now.  It will be if a hurricane does head our way.  I am glad I have my snowboarding jacket, which doubles as a rain coat really well!

Most the day was spent, watching movies, knitting, eating, cuddling, coloring, running around the house, and playing chase.  Even though it rained, I think today was a great day!  Here is our day in pictures.
Tomorrow it is supposed to be raining more and I'm a little worried about braving the rain and flooding on my way to and from work.  I will just have to say a prayer and drive super slow.

Happy Sunday!!

Is it raining in your neck of the woods?  What is your favorite rainy day activity?


  1. No rain, but thunderstorms this afternoon.

    My spoiled fur-brats demand walks in the rain too. Of course, Gretchen requires a raincoat...

    The Knight does engage them with lots of indoor fetch games when it is raining, so the walks are much, MUCH shorter.

  2. i remember a tropical storm that stalled over nola and we were in the process of getting a new rough. it was an eight day long nightmare :( hopefully this storm will move on quickly!


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