Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Love: Yarn with Soup...

What a day!
As I have mentioned before, I love weekends!
Today was a great weekend day!

The day started out with my little girl being silly, especially when she feels the need to carry around my yarn bag like it's her purse.
I met up with my friend Tinyant for a yarnie adventure!  We started by stopping at our favorite bagel shop The St. Pete Bagel Company for bagels and some yummy coffee!  Then we headed over to Tampa for the 8th birthday party of Knit n Knibble yarn shop.  It's the most local yarn shop to me at 45 mins away and I rarely visit it but every time I do I think to myself how I should visit more often....just wish it was closer.

The shop was packed when we showed up and we were able to find our way to the person with the door prize tickets and grabbed a list for what the sales were and started our searches.  There were too many choices but I was finally able to pick something as close to what I wanted as possible. My final choice was Heritage silk in black.  I plan to knit the Spring Thaw Shawl and add crystal beads to add some sparkle to it.  The yarn is a 85/15 Wool/silk blend. I was sort of hoping for something with more silk in it but I didn't really like the other yarns as much as this one.  It's also a closer to a fingering weight but it's a nice round yarn.

Cascade Yarns was also there doing a yarn tasting. I've never been to one and it was pretty neat!  They had all their different yarns out for you to sample.  I'm pretty familiar with Cascade but there were some new ones that were pretty interesting.  When the shop gets them in and I get my hands on them, maybe I'll share more about them.
After we left the party, we picked up her husband and headed downtown to the Florida Craftsman, which had a coral reef project on display.  If you haven't been yet, you should go check it out!  It's amazing! We had both known about this project for months before it was set up but the holidays and this year have been so busy that it just slipped by and we never were able to enter anything. Let's just say we both kicked ourselves because it was so awesome!  Here are some pictures.
We ended our yarnie venture by stopping by the Craft fest at Art Poole and then grabbed some soup on this rainy day.
I got back home to a girl napping and her daddy resting as well.  She woke up shortly after I got back and we spent the afternoon much like we did the morning.  We played, cuddled, played chase, and had a great time.  As I said, I love weekends!  Hope you had a great Saturday too!

Happy Saturday!

What are you up to this weekend? Visit any yarn shops?

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  1. Love the yarn sea critters! Sounds like a great day.


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