Thursday, June 7, 2012

Dogs on Thurday: Pictures, pictures and more pictures!

For today's DOT post...we are going to catch up on some cute pictures of the pups Jackjack and Abigail! Here are some of my favorite recent pics of them....some of them from instagram. Starting with the most recent...
Abbygirl needing me to hold her hand while I knit.
My spinning buddy Jackjack.
Another Spinning buddy Abbygirl.
Carmen thought it was time to take the pups for a we did! :)
Carmen trying to put my knit sock on Jackjack.
A slobbery doggie kiss!  One of the best kind!
The pups keeping me company while I knit and watch tv.
My Jackjack turning grey before my eyes. My old grummy man.
Wearing Carmen on a walk with the dogs.
Giving Jackjack a wipe down. She's ever the little helper.
My absolute favorite picture of my girls!  Wet kisses!
Hope you enjoy all these pictures!  I am bias but these two pups are just so adorable and I love them so!  They sometimes get into trouble like my Jackjack who has learned that highchair swiping is a new art form of his and Abbygirl who is always wanting more love that little miss Carmen can handle sometimes.  They are still the best dogs I could ask for and I love them dearly!

Happy Dogs on Thursday!


  1. so much great doggy love going on here.

  2. I do enjoy them all, but the ones of the dogs and Carmen are the sweetest!!!

    1. Thanks! They are so good with her and her with them! She lights up when she comes home and sees her doggies and says good night to them every night. :)

  3. Love the pictures - particularly love the one where Carmen is trying to put the socks on Jackjack. Lovely - out a smile on my face today, thank you.


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