Friday, June 8, 2012

Keeping it Real: balance + love

Keeping it Real - is a weekly meme from ink + chair where bloggers share the ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light, peaks-valleys, plusses-minuses...of their week - acknowledging wholeness.

frogging - aka downs (not sure what I want to call these yet)
: still congested after several days of being sick...let's just feel better already
: balancing the regrets of past decisions with the effects of those decisions on who I am now.
: failing at thinking positively towards others who make it too easy to think negatively. (I am praying on this one...a lot!)

tailwagging - ups
: the weekend will be here this afternoon which means loads of time with my daughter
: my daughter finally feeling better after being sick for what felt like forever!
: having 2 finished knitting object to turn into classes and so close to being done with a sock for my OWL
: getting little reminders of the love I have for my husband...he's a keeper that hubby of mine!

Happy KIP!


  1. ... bless and release. Let go of what you can't change. Enjoy your weekend!

  2. hey there!

    "failing at thinking positively towards others who make it too easy to think negatively" - yes, hear you on this one this week. it's our choice how we feel, but boy we're tested by some people! :)

    here's to a healthy daughter and a lovely weekend together.


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