Monday, June 11, 2012

Weekend Love: Tea Time and the Beach!

I love weekends!  I know I'm probably with everyone when I say this but I just love them!  I love having full days with my family, friends, and especially with my girl!  I love being able to spend the day watching her discover new things and experience life.  This weekend thankfully we were mostly healthy...I am still battling the head congestion but I feel better and Miss CGR is completely better. YAY!! 

My eldest niece Flower girl planned a gals tea time at a local place called A Corner of England.  None of us had ever been before and you had to make reservations.  We showed up all "dressed" least some of us did...for an afternoon of high tea.  The place inside looked like an antique shop.  Each place setting was set with mismatched antique tea cups and plates, and hat racks around the room full of fun hats!  They also had dolls, more tea settings, and cards around the room for sale.  We ordered 2 high teas and 2 different teas to try and enjoyed ourselves!  There wasn't much CGR could eat with her allergies but I always come prepared and she had some of the fruit that she was able to eat.  She loved the blackberries! I'm going to have to find some to buy for her. 
While sitting and having high tea, we also planned to do this again but to create our own tea time!  I'm pretty sure my sister CZbrats already went to Goodwill in search of antique tea cups.  We have plans to make finger foods and drink tea together, while having some girl talk and time together!  Also a lady, who was sitting by us with her daughter, brought over a teapot full of apple juice for CGR since her daughter wasn't going to drink it all.  What a cute idea to put juice in teapots and tea cups for the little ones!   All in all it was a fun afternoon spent with the lovely ladies! 

After tea time with the gals, CGR and I spent the rest of the day hanging around the house and fighting nap time.  She was sleepy but just wasn't having napping so we played, watched cartoons, I knit, and generally enjoyed each other. 

Sunday was another great day!  Started with a hangout with Grandma Shari and then off to the beach!  CGR had such a blast at the beach with her aunties, cousins, and brother-in-law.  She didn't want to get out of the water or stop playing with sand.  We stayed only until about 11:30 and then on the way home she passed out for her nap!  YAY nap!  The rest of the day, we spent with daddy aka Special K around the house and then off to a graduation party. 
After the busy weekend, when 9 pm came around on Sunday night...I couldn't stay up and watch the first episode of the new season of Trueblood.  I just had to fall asleep.  Hoping to watch it tonight!

Happy Weekending!!  Hope you all have a great week!

How was your weekend?  Do you enjoy any fun summer activities? Do you like this new collage format for pictures?


  1. Sounds like a great weekend :)

  2. Great photos! I love to have tea with friends, and wasn't much older than C when I began having tea regularly with our neighbor...


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