Friday, June 15, 2012

Keeping it Real - Speak and Love

Keeping it Real - is a weekly meme from ink + chair where bloggers share the ups-downs, lows-highs, hits-misses, dark-light, peaks-valleys, plusses-minuses...of their week - acknowledging wholeness.

frogging -  lows
- needing to say something but having trouble verbalizing it
- trying to follow God's words "Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."
- my car is supposed to get new tires this week but since it isn't wanting to start like it should that's being put off for now.
- not enough knitting going on!

tail-wagging -  highs
- watching CGR with her cousins and seeing the love she has for them
- seeing little miss CGR kiss and love on people, dolls, and even little lego men
- gaining insight and comfort from the Soul Detox devotions on I found through She Reads Truth.
- finding verse after verse that I have needed to hear and bookmarking away.  Especially Romans 12:9-21
- the weekend is almost here and it's potential for lots more fun times with CGR's cousins!

PS...haven't decided if I want to combine the two Friday posts or not.  Any suggestions? Are you participating in either of these?  Please share link to you blogs if you are!

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  1. Not participating in either. I began last year the difficult process of removing toxic people from my close circle. Makes opening my inbox a little easier!


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