Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Love: Swimming, eating, and family

Our weekend consisted of spending lots of time at my FIL's chillin, swimming, napping, eating, boating, fishing, chatting, and generally having a good time.  We usually spend at least one afternoon a weekend at my FIL's but this weekend we spent almost all of it because my SIL and her family were in town.  She got married last month to the father of her youngest baby boy up in OH, which Special  K and I were both in the bridal party.  She came down for a long weekend with her husband and their three boys as a little vacation after the wedding.

It was so great for Carmen to get some quality time with her cousins from OH, which she didn't get much of while we were there for the wedding.  She loves them boys.  Whenever I mentioned the oldest boy's name, her face would light up and she was ready to go back and spend time with him and the others.  She loved to kiss and hug the youngest boy, who is seriously the happiest easiest baby I have ever met.  That little cutie just chills so well.  He rarely needs much but he sure does love cuddles and a smiling face.  The middle boy is a sweetheart too.  He was overheard telling Carmen to come over because he had a secret for her and he whispered in her ear, thinking no one hear him, that he loved her.  All those boys are such blessings and have huge hearts.  I am so glad we got to spend some time with them.

Here is our weekend in pictures...

Sunday was Father's Day and we celebrated all together with dinner and each other as company.  Happy Father's Day to those who read the blog!  Special K's father's day gift was given to him while we were up in OH for the wedding.  Sunday after all the wedding festivities, I surprised him with a Cubs t-shirt and tickets to see the Cubs play the Pirates in Pittsburgh with some friends of ours.  Originally Miss Carmen was going to come with us but since she was all out of sorts with the traveling, she spent the afternoon with her Grandma and other family.  Here is a pic of us missing our girl at the game...we brought her home a Pirates rubber ducky.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend recap!

How was your weekend?  How did you celebrate Father's Day? 


  1. Great photos! Cousin time is good time. I had a blast with my cousins as kids.

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