Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Catching up: High Tea, swimming, and the stomach flu.

Hi, everyone!  Sorry for more radio silence but between trying to avoid talking about the one thing I want to and getting a stomach bug Monday morning...I've been sort of struggling to stay afloat.  I have wanted to share some fun things about our weekend though.  So this is going to be a weekend update on Wed.  Yes, I know a little later than I had hoped.

This weekend was full of awesome!  Saturday afternoon, my niece Flower girl organized a girls high tea at my sister Fleas' house.  Other than having to wake up grumpy from her nap, which made her very grumpy, the tea was awesome!

The guests included my sisters, nieces, and two other little girls and their mommas.  One of them was my long time friend K and her daughter T, who I've talked about on this blog before here,  (It's also T's birthday today! Happy Birthday T!) and the other was a mommy and me friend, who was the first person I sat next to at my local Tuesday morning mommy and me group.  CGR was 2 weeks old and she was impressed I had made it out of the house!  My niece Flower girl takes care of her daughter a couple times a week.  The little girls all sat so cute at their little table and all drank lemonade out of some cute tea cups that K had brought. (The bow from the pictures is from Krapfl Girl, who is currently on vacation but check her out after Aug 1st when she gets back.  She's got some GREAT bows!)  Carmen also had her first Oreo, which is vegan, and she loved it!  Personally, I think she had too many but I'm sure if you asked her she would have signed more! :)
Sunday, we had an impromptu park time then spent the morning with CGR's daddy before he headed to go play golf with his dad and CGR went down for a nap.  After nap, we went shopping and stopped by K's house for a quick swim and then played with lots of toys!  CGR is a huge fan of little people so when she saw K's daughter's little people stash, she was in heaven! CGR also liked petting and giving kisses to K's dogs and kitties.  I am allergic to cats so I stay away but thankfully CGR is not.

The weekend ended with dinner with the hubby and then some quality time before he was fast asleep by 8:30.  I ended up staying up way too late and then waking up at 5:30 am with the stomach flu.  UGH!  Monday was pretty much spent sleeping the day away, trying to eat, a shower, and then slept all night as well.  This is my 2nd stomach flu this year and let me tell you...NOT a fan of it.  My niece Flower girl ended up sick the same day and then the following day my brother-in-law got sick.  Thankfully CGR and no one else has come down with it and praying it stays that way.

Lot's more going on, including lots of hexipuffs knit!  I'll talk more about those in a post soon!  And hopefully I'll be able to share some news after this weekend!  We are almost through with the details and once papers are signed, then I'll let you all in on what's going on.  If you can just send good thoughts and prayers our way that it all goes smoothly that would be great!

Happy Wednesday aka Catch up day!

How was your weekend? How's your week going? 

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  1. Life is busy like that. I hope you're feeling better and that the can't talk about it is straightening itself out!!

    Personally, I've learned this week that not having an internet connection at home actually creates more stress for me than being "plugged in" all of the time. Particulary with the Knight and me BOTH running different non-profits, it's hard when you're unexpectedly out of touch!


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