Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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Today's blog post was inspired by a post on one of my new favorite blogs Rags to Stitches.  Head over there to read her Currently post.

I'm OVERWHELMED with the thought that we are starting our move in 10 days!  10 days people!  I have packed 2 boxes!  Yes, I have sold, donated, and toss a TON of stuff but there is still so much to pack.  We are supposed to be out of our current house by the 31st and if you look doesn't look like it.
I'm ever THANKFUL of my husband's patience and hard work.  My husband isn't the most patient of men but he has so much patience for me.  I wish I could say I was great at keeping up with house chores and cleaning our house but alas I am not.  Given the choice to sit on the couch and knit in a dirty house or get up and clean it....let's just can answer that one.   I know it's very frustrating for my husband.  He is amazing though and he usually cooks dinner and cleans most the house.  I am the one who takes responsibility for Carmen.  I make sure she eats her dinner, I give her a bath, read books, and put her to bed every night but Tuesday night(my knit night). I also do the dishes most night when he cooks and since our house needs vacuumed EVERY day I will vacuum a couple times a week.  I do laundry but Special K does most of it...mind you he usually needs to do laundry more often than I do.  He also has only cleaned the bathroom once...hmm...I do more cleaning that I give myself credit for.   Anyway...there you go...if it wasn't for my husband...we would live in a dirty house until someone mentioned they were stopping by...when I would quickly clean as much as possible.  I am still holding out hope for a trustworthy cleaning service to show up to clean our house once a week...and there is no bill!

I'm EXCITED to see all the painting my hardworking hubby and his dad have been doing in the new house!  They are painting the bedrooms as those are the only rooms that we really aren't going to be doing anything to that needed a fresh coat of paint.  I helped pick the colors but I haven't been able to go see the process.  He wants me to see it when it's finished and be surprised!  The hardwood floors are getting re-finished next week and I really can't wait to see how they turn out!
I'm NERVOUS about all the changes that are going on.  How will Carmen react to the move?  Will she be able to sleep in her new room?  When do we switch her to her big girl bed? When do we finally get rid of her bobo aka pacifier?  Carmen isn't a fan of changes.  She likes to know what to expect and likes routines.  She has gotten used to her summer routine and with the school year starting and the move happening, I worry how she will react.  I'm sure it will be fine as I tend to worry so much and then it's nothing.  I know we are not ready for the switch to no bobo and big girl bed but I know those things are coming this fall and I just sort of dread them.  I also dread potty training....ugh!  I know that if I can get a positive attitude about these things then I have a feeling they will go much smoother than if Carmen senses my dread.
I'm so PROUD of all the new things Carmen learns every day.  I feel every day there is a new word that she starts saying or a new skill she picks up.  Lately she has been practicing our names a lot.  I'll catch her just randomly saying Mama, Dada, and if she has her baby with her Baby.  She also has started to sing to herself a lot.  She sometimes will look to see if you are watching her as she sings but she mainly wants to sing by herself.  She will let me sing "The Wheels on the Bus..." with her and we both do the motions.  She is so loving with her baby dolls and her other stuffed animals.  Her Aunt Felicia taught her how to burp them and it's the cutest thing because she even makes the fake burp sound!  She also has learned how to make circles and her fine motor skills are improving a lot!  She will still opt to use her hands to eat sometimes but I don't can only eat applesauce with your hands for so let her be young!
I'm APPRECIATIVE of all the help we have gotten from family.  Our family is amazingly helpful!  One of my sisters(not always the same one they switch it up) picks up Carmen every day, so we can keep Carmen at the daycare we love most.  They have helped us in so many ways, not even sure where to start.  Both my family and Special K's family have been amazing and are always there to help us and I couldn't be more thankful of them all!

I'm FAITHFUL that God has a bigger plan and knows what he is doing in my life and those around me.  Sometimes it's hard to see his plan and sometimes his timing isn't ours but in the end his plan is greater and bigger than we could have ever imagined.  Just takes faith and prayer.

I'm HAPPY with my life.   Even with all the nervousness, worry, and overwhelmed feelings, I am so very excited about my life and where it's headed.   My husband is amazing and I love him more every day.  I am so proud to be his wife.  My daughter is someone I love to be with, am so proud of, and who's kisses and hugs melt my heart.  Jackjack and Abigail are two of the most crazy dogs but I love them and their welcome when we come home has always been one of my favorite parts of my day.

Happy Living!

What are you feeling currently?  Share 3 current feelings with me!


  1. Apprehensive---we have some changes coming in our life too and I just hope we can go through with them

    Weary---tired of physical pain and mental pressure of Tom not working much

    Thankful---things have improved ever so slightly that there is hope for more, and that my knitting is becoming profitable as well as obsessive

    Congrats on all of the new and exciting things that all of you are experiencing!!! Love looking at pictures of your little girl!!!

  2. Joy - Love looking at Carmen and reading about her ever-changing life stages. Makes me smile just reading about all the goings-on.

    Hunger - The Knight said he'd be home around 7, called 45 minutes ago to say he was going to pick up dinner... and still isn't here.

    Contentment - I am blessed with good friends, sweet dogs, and a good husband. After all, you'll note that I am not cooking dinner, and thanks to take-out, there won't be much to clean up, because dishes are the Knight's... thing he doesn't do.

  3. Relaxed---FINALLY! We are starting to settle in our new home. I understand how you feel about moving and I am sure Little Miss Carmen will be fine cause she will be with her mom and dad. I think it will help if she comes and goes from the new house too, help her get used to it.

    Anxious---I want school to start and my girls do too! My oldest just said this to me today.

    Tired---We spent yesterday at the Toronto Zoo and my feet are not made for that much walking anymore. Then today we went to Costco so there was more walking...

  4. Lovely post and a nice thing to do - similar to my remembering the little thankfuls. So

    Tired - spent 10 lovely days with my husband on a fabulous vacation. Came home feeling relaxed and refreshed and in love all over again.

    Sad - still missing Miss Lucy terribly. Amazing how many things make me think about her and miss her.

    Content - for the most part my life is good. The only complaints I have are self-induced.



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