Friday, October 5, 2012

Baby Bump: 13 week update

I know I promised some pregnancy updates and more blog posts but I have been struggling with being sick for a month now!  It started with tonsils, then congestion(which I'm still battling), and then I got thrush!  Let's just say this past month has would you put it...interesting.  So, here is the long awaited update.  I still have my pregnancy craft post coming but I keep having to push it back...soon!  For now, this is the best belly pic I could get.

Week: 13 weeks and 4 days
Weight gain: 6 lbs.  I lost a lb last month while I was sick but I already gained it back in a week.
Belly button: popped out at 6 weeks!  My doctor said that I got a hernia in my belly button with Carmen and that's why it popped so early.  Fun times...makes me look further along but oh well.
Clothes: Regular clothes but I'm having to do the hair tie method of extending my jeans because they aren't comfortable when sitting down anymore.
Baby's sex: We don't officially find out until our Nov ultrasound but I have my guess. :)
This past week+: With being sick, tired, nauseated, it's been a struggling making it through the work days and getting stuff done at home.  I usually have been just praying for bedtime most days.  I just started the 2nd trimester and thankfully that's brought some relief to both the tiredness, nausea, and I'm finally feeling better.  This pregnancy has been so much different from Carmen's and has been doing a bit of kicking my butt.  Hoping the 2nd trimester goes smoother for us.
Doctor's Visit: We had our 12 week appointment and ultrasound last Thursday and it was great to see the baby and hear the heartbeat.  This baby did nothing but move and flip during the ultrasound and it was fun to see.  Looked like herm was waving at us at one point.  Herm, as well call the baby until we find out the sex, is already measuring 2 days early.  Carmen always measured small so starting to wonder how big this baby is going to be!  Herm's measurements were all great and heartbeat nice and strong.  Herm did a lot of moving and kept bumping the ultrasound thingy so it took her a while to get the heartbeat reading without a bump from the baby!  We had her try to find out the sex during the ultrasound but she kept telling us it's only a guess until Nov.  She gave us her guess but you'll all just have to wait and see. :)
Next Doctor's Visit: Next apt is October 26th with the doctor who delivered Carmen and my favorite at the practice!  Looking forward to seeing her.  I actually had my annual with her when I was pregnant but we didn't know yet as I hadn't missed my period yet and it was too early to get a positive test yet.
Overall, I'm very happy that I'm finally feeling better.  My emotions have been all over the place because of things happening with friends.  So very sad for one friend and then so very happy for another who just had her baby yesterday!  You add emotional things to pregnant hormones and can all guess what happens.  I've been praying a lot and enjoying my Joyce Meyer devotional readings.  One recent one that really hit me was titled "Don't worry...Worship!"

Happy Friday!!


  1. Great advice. I'm turning my worries over every few minutes it seems!

    Your bump is so cute!!

  2. adorable little baby bump! I think it's cute that your belly button has 'popped' already! 2nd babies are generally bigger. So glad you are feeling better finally! g


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