Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Baby Bump: craft reveal and 14 week update

First off...yes, I know back to back baby bump updates.  I have knitting stuff and other things to post so this won't happen next time. :) At least I will try.  However, I've been mentioning for sometime that I have this craft that I made for my pregnancy!  I have been wanting to share but needed to get good pictures...and now I have gotten ones so let's begin.

I got the idea from here to create a pregnancy calendar shirt.  Looking back I wish I had picked out a better shirt instead of just a large men's shirt but it's what I picked so until I can get my sister to help me sew the sleeves and fix it's going to work.  We did sew in some elastic to the sides to gather it in but it was our first time doing that and didn't work out as well as I had hoped.  We got that idea from here.

At first I was going to follow the way the tutorial said for making the numbers but after some persuasion I decided to try out my sister's cricket to make the numbers!  We were able to, after lots of trial and error, figure out how to arrange the letters in the right way to fit nicely on the shirt and then we cut the freezer paper with the cricket!  I had never heard of freezer paper before but I LOVE IT!  So fun!  After getting the freezer paper all cut, I slowly peeled the freezer paper off the board for the cricket leaving all the numbers behind to create a stencil.  I then laid it onto the t-shirt and put the center parts back inside the 0,4,6,8, and 9s.  That was a painstaking task but I reminded myself how much easier this was then the tutorials suggestion of cutting out the individual numbers.

After I ironed the freezer paper onto the shirt, I painted 3 layers of the white fabric paint onto the stencil and let it dry over night.

The next day, I removed the stencil and check out how cool it came out!  I was so happy with it!
Then I started marking off the weeks I was at the time I created this shirt. :) Yes, I was only 7 weeks along when I did this shirt and you are just getting to see it now at 14 but are you really surprised after all the sickness and stuff I've been through?

I did get pictures of me in the shirt at 7 weeks, which you can see here but they weren't good enough for my t-shirt reveal!

Finally, I had my sister take some pictures of me and some with Carmen of the shirt.  They are better but we'll get there. we go...Baby bump update...yes I know this is a LONG post!

Week: 14 weeks and 1 day
Weight gain: 6+ lbs...haven't been weighed since last apt.
Baby's sex: We don't officially find out until our Nov ultrasound but I have my guess. :)
This past week: This weekend I was having some cramping, which turns out was my bodies way of saying it needs more water.  Also this pregnancy I've been super emotional.  I don't full on cry at the drop of a hat but I could!  I have teared up a couple times about things that I normally wouldn't tear up about and forget watching Grey's with dry eyes.  I've also gotten into my head a lot this pregnancy.  I felt I was pretty normal and level headed with Carmen but this time with things that have happened to others and just my overall feeling of I've been sick forever...I've let my mind run away with me.  Monday I called and talked to the OB nurse and told her that I'm having a hard time calming my brain, told her about the cramping I've been having, and about how I messed up my back on Sunday while washing Abby so I asked her what I could do about that.  She told me that I'm 14 weeks and I'm not spotting and cramping is probably due to not having enough water.  We've talked about it before since this pregnancy water just doesn't appeal to me and I have a hard time getting enough in. She also gave me some tips on helping my back.  She said that I shouldn't be concerned BUT if I wanted to I could come get the fetal heart rate checked.  I said when can I be there! :)
Doctor's Visit: My impromptu fetal heart rate check, which technically wasn't a doctor's visit and wasn't charged as such either but we'll put it here.  They said I could come in anytime before 3 so as soon as it was around my normal lunch time I headed over.  I was fully expecting to just have a nurse pull me back and use a heart rate monitor to check the fetal heart rate but much to my surprise the sonogram tech, who has been the same throughout both pregnancies, came out to get me.  She pulled me back to the u/s room and I got to see the baby! She first just found the heart beat right away!  153 beats per minute and beating strong.  Then she just looked over the baby again and I got to see the baby flip and having a grand ole time in there.  It was fun to see and as usual eased my mind so much.  We talked again about the sex and she quickly checked but we didn't look too long...but my guess is the same. She gave me a couple more pictures of the baby and this one was the best so far!

Next Doctor's Visit: Next apt is October 26th with the doctor who delivered Carmen and my favorite at the practice!  Looking forward to seeing her.
Overall, I'm focusing on praying more and getting my emotions in check...this coming from a hormonal pregnant women. I'm starting to feel little flutters but I'm just not fully convinced yet that it's the baby.  I look forward to when I really can feel the baby move.  Thanks for reading another update so soon!  Hoping to spread these out but since I posted so late last week...this one came pretty fast. :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. What a great idea! I love the weekly shirt photos, the updates. So very exciting!

  2. What a fun way to document the pregnancy! You look so happy - and healthy! It's hard work growing a human. Carry on! g

  3. I love the shirt! I should get one for myself, hehe. I'm at 14 weeks too!


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