Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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This post was originally inspired by Rags to Stitches but today it's inspired by Sometimes Sweet's currently posts.
I'm so PROUD of my daughter.  She is just growing up into a fun little girl.  We have our moments when she doesn't like that she has to take a nap or bath but then she comes around.  Times like last night are the ones I treasure.  We sat and played with mega blocks for a long time before dinner and then hung out on Google+ with her Grandma and she was so talkative and funny!  Watching her brain work and getting to hear her talk is just so amazing!

I'm ANXIOUS for my girl, who has to have her allergy skin scrap test next Monday.  I'm WORRIED about how the four days leading up to the test in which she can't have any antihistamines are going to go.  Right now we give her Claritin every morning and Benadryl at night to control her allergies...without those I worry how itchy and snotty she will get in four days. :(  I also worry about the actual test.  How is this little mover going to handle staying still and getting her skin scrapped.  I've had it done 3 times and it has never been fun but how is she going to understand this is for her own good.

I'm so HAPPY that my girl's daddy will be with us at the test on Monday.  She is so much better for her daddy than me.  When he asks if she wants a nap, she always says yes!  She just behaves better for him than me but that's alright.  I think with him there there might be a chance that she will be tough for her daddy but I think I will need him to be my support during the test.  It will also be so good for him to be able to hear what the doctor says about the results.  I've lived allergies...I know all about them but he is not an allergy suffer.  This is all new to him.

I'm FRUSTRATED with my lack of knitting and lets not even talk about my spinning.  I remember this happened last pregnancy but my knitting mojo has disappeared.  I'm motivated to knit but the problem is that my motivation to knit doesn't outweigh my need for sleep.  I've tried to follow patterns but I just get tired and don't want to read them.  I started 2 things in the last week and neither have gotten much attention.  When I have knit lately it's been hexipuffs, which are mindless and quick!

I'm HOPEFUL that going to knitting tonight will allow me some time to actual knit!  I know that there is always chatting but I'm hoping to get some progress done as well.  Will be nice to see my knit gals 2 weeks in a row!!

I'm so EXCITED for the months to come.  I LOVE fall and the cooler weather.  Hello, I'm a knitter and I love getting to wear all my hand knits out into the world!  I also love Thanksgiving and Christmas!  We have lots of family coming to visit, which is going to make the holidays even better!

I'm forever HUNGRY!  I'm sure this isn't news as I'm growing a baby but I just feel I'm always thinking about food or eating food.  I'm trying to eat healthy and cut back on sweets but I've indulged here and there.
I'm feel BLESSED that God is at work in my life.  That he is guiding me through his word and reminding me to be the best me I can be in all situations.  Giving me opportunities to be that person.  I can't say that I always choose the right way but I'm thankful that I know that I am forgiven.

Happy Living!

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  1. Love the photos. Seems to me that almost overnight, C's gone from toddler to little girl. Sweet.

    Good luck to ALL of you with her allergy test.

  2. Oh little Bark-n-Knit is growing up, isn't she? She looks so darn cute!

    Allergy testing my little one did it at just over 2 and she did wonderfully. Hard as it might be - you might consider waiting the lobby with knitting while Little Miss and Special K go in for the testing. Just a thought. g


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