Friday, October 26, 2012

Ten things I'm loving: hubby, cuddles, knitting, weather and more!

This week has been exhausting...both emotionally and physically.  I can't really go into a lot of what's going on but if you could just send prayers or good thoughts in the direction of my family and Special K's family that would be great!  CGR, Special K, the pups, Baby Rush #2 and I are healthy and doing generally well...just family stuff that we care about.  I am pregnant and I feel this pregnancy is kicking my butt but I'll update you on that when I do my pregnancy post.  Because it's been a tough week, I found inspiration from a fellow blogger, who also had a tough week.  She posted this today and I thought it would be great for this week and the month of Nov!  So instead of the weekly this moment posts this month, I'll be posting 10 things I'm loving that week. 

Ten things I'm loving:

1. My husband and all he does for me, CGR, the pups, and more.

2. Last night(and tonight)'s cuddle/tickle/playtime in bed with CGR and her daddy!  Watching her be so silly with him and the way they look at each other and smile or giggle fills my heart!

3. Clean dogs!  Nothing like freshly bathed pups.

4. My Calligraphy Cardigan...warms me at work and looking at it always makes me smile knowing I spun, dyed, and knit it.

5. The cooler fall weather.

6. Morning walks with my sister Fleas and our pups.  Love this time even though it's at 6 am.

7. Family...both by blood and by marriage.  Nothing like the love of family.

8. Hearing my baby's heartbeat today and knowing all is going smoothly.  Also getting to talk to my favorite OB and getting reassured that everything is normal.  Please start praying now she's on call when we go into labor!

9. Knitting

10. Carmen because her smile and spirit just brings joy to me and those around her.

Happy Friday!

What are 10 things you are loving this week?  If you post on your blog, please share a link!

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  1. I'm loving baby knits. Okay, not while I'm slogging away on a fingering weight kickbag, but it's fun to hand it to the Knight in a ziploc baggie so he can hand it to the new dad at the training fire today. It's going to drop 20 degrees overnight, so tomorrow, I'm sure they'll try out the new item.

    I'm loving long dog walks with leaves crunching beneath our feet.

    I'm loving Gretchen's intense stare. It's breakfast time and she knows it!


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