Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Knitting: hexipuffin, cotton, and more

There was little time for knitting in the past couple months since Maria was born, however, thankfully that has changed!  For the first couple months all I   managed to knit was a couple hexipuffs...but I didn't really start knitting again until I went back to work.

Best knitting time right now is during lunch and during my pump breaks! :) Hands-free pump bra makes pumping so much better by allowing me to knit a couple rows and ignore the fact that I'm stuck in a room pumping.  Not a fan of the whole pumping thing...but we'll talk about that another day. It's all worth it though and knitting, and Netflix or HBOGo make it easier.

When I first started my leave, I was able to finish a couple things.  I finished up the pair of Spring Forward socks for Carmen and Maria's Grant Robin!  I also knit a cute pair of matching toddler socks for Maria!
My latest new project I started recently is a Little Abbey top in some cotton I bought at a local yarn shop for $1 a skein!!  It's coming out great!  I'm hoping to have enough yarn to knit Maria one too but this one is a 2T one for Carmen.  I thought I'd maybe knit the 4T but she's so little still that wouldn't fit her for ages!  Hoping this one fits well enough.  I already tried it over her head and it fit well.
I have a lot of things as usual I want to cast on but for now I am hoping to finish this soon and cast on matching one for Maria.  I hope to resist the startitis I seem to e suffering from until things start fitting into the house cup.  I am still hoping to get our family stockings done this year...or at least the girl's done!  Here's hoping!!

Happy Knitting!

What projects are you working on?


  1. You're knitting more than I am! I just can't seem to pick up the knitting... I'm picking up books instead.

  2. The Abbey top looks great! I love the socks too!

    I'm still working on my Melia sweater for my OWL project. I really can't seem to get into anything else because I'm excited for it to be done. I turned in a few hexipuffs for classes just to get them done.

    I've been searching a lot of yarn online but have been good and haven't been buying. I have been knitting from my stash all year so far! I'm pretty proud of myself. lol.

    I can't wait to see your stockings. I'm thinking I may tackle stockings for Jeremy and I this winter. We shall see. :)


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