Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I haven't posted lately because well I haven't had time. My life has been pretty crazy. I was gone in Key West on a field trip and then came back for less than 24hrs before I was on another trip. I didn't get to spend very much time with my dogs or at home...so blogging wasn't high up on my list of things to do....anyway....about weddings.

This past weekend, Special K and I went to a big family wedding. My cousin who's be dating the same girl for 13 yrs finally was getting married. They were 15 when they met and have been going strong ever since. Kind of crazy. The wedding was out in Texas and it was a blast.

We flew out 10 strong from FL to TX. My dad, my sisters, kids, Special K and I got on a plane early thursday morning and started our adventure. When we got there we all went to lunch at one of my cousin's favorite restraunts...Then the kids and Special K headed to the house my aunt rented and swam in the pool and the lake. I went with the bride to be and my sister to get a mani and a pedi. I haven't gotten one in a while and it was nice. Later that night we went to my aunt's bosses house and had a big BBQ.....Texas BBQ. It was good food and good company. Special K met more and more of my family as the weekend past and everyone liked him and approved and he seems to like everyone as well. After the Texas BBQ, we headed back to the lake house and I went to bed and everyone else ended up staying up and doing some stuff for the wedding. I just had gotten back on wednesday from Sea Camp so I was already exhausted.

Friday breakfast was at 10am...and knowing that my aunt was making it I wanted to be on time.. And true to her style it was a wonderful mexican breakfast of eggs and sausage, or eggs and potatoe tacos....with beans and fruit salad. It was yummy. We played in the pool and swam in the lake pretty much all day. We tried to fish but nothing was caught. That night my aunt made a BIG MEXICAN FIESTA!!! There was tons of great food and even more great company. Most my family that was coming had arrived by this time so it was about 50 members of the Martinez family. Special K did great and met pretty much everyone. I ate way too much and enjoyed myself.

Saturday....the wedding day. We headed over to the big house and had breakfast again...this time made by my aunts friend who woke up really early and made some good eats. As we were heading to the pool, Special K decided to pick up some bottles by the hot tub but then went on to clean the whole porch...which was huge and a mess. Other people joined in to help but he was there from start to finish. This won over many of the women in my family.

The wedding was beautiful. It was by the lake and had a beautiful view. The ceremony itself was short but sweet. The brides dress looked great on her and the groom couldn't stop sweating. The reception was awesome with tons of good food and some great toasts. The dessert, which was a chocolate fountain and gelato, was awesome...just wish I hadn't eaten so much at dinner. Then the partying really began with some dancing and a great band... Special K actually danced with me...which was the first time we'd danced...he says he doesn't dance but it's more about him not liking to than him not being able to. He's a great dancer. Then he danced with my oldest sister and it was so cute!!!! Well..the night ended with a long drive back to the house. All in all was a great wedding.

Sunday was packing up day and a Mother's day brunch. We said our good byes and headed back to florida. I enjoyed my weekend very much. I learned more about Special K and fell more and more in love with him. I know grossy sweet....

Stay tuned for some more blogs....just need to get into it again.

PS Mr. Poopie....I went back and deleted all my :) because yes I use them A LOT!!!!!!!!!

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