Monday, May 28, 2007

Fishin on the Reely Rushin'

So, today we went fishing. It was Special K, Big K, Big K's wife and step daughter and I. We all seemed to have had a good time. I've been out fishing with Special K, Big K, and wifey before and got really motion sick so this time I took meds to prevent it and felt GREAT the whole time. ;) I even drank some beer and didn't chum the water with it. We were out all afternoon. Special K and I were the only ones who really got any bites. I pulled in a Catfish (but not a keeper) and Special K got a mackerel. All in all it was a good time. Lots of boating and fishing and just enjoying ourselfs.

We are trying to get Big K to let us go out just the two of us...but for some strange reason he doesn't really answer when we ask him. (True Fatherly avoidance style) I hope he lets us some day. I would love to be out on the boat in the ocean with my babe, Special K.

A good way to spend the Memorial Day!

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