Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Showdown results

Well...It was a tough game. :) hehehe but the Red team once again beat the Blue team. The first inning was nothing but sloppy fielding on the Blue side and great batting on the Red side. The rest of the game was a pretty good match up. I batted extremely well, except one little pop up to the first base woman. :) My fielding was more like a ballerina dance than a 2nd baseman but I did get some good plays in. The smack talking was extreme but tempers stayed calm. I believe the final score was 14-9.

After the game we did all head to Beefs and enjoyed each others company. We had two long table and the teams sat divided. Special K and I sat on the Red team side and were called traders but were graciously given some beer from the free pitcher that was placed on their table... All in all it was a good time. We got some practice in and are ready for our season to start.

Go Purple!!! :)

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