Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Softball Showdown May 2007

I play softball with my church twice a week. I've been playing on the Blue team, the younger crowd for over a year and last summer I was picked up by the Red team, I'll say slightly older crowd. :) The blue team consists of most of my friends that help out with young group and younger church members. We play for fun and have a good time. We usually play pretty poorly but this past season we actually came in 2nd. Blue team plays in the D league, which for those of you who don't understand that is the for fun league. Red team is a little different we have a coach(Special K's dad, Big K) that takes things a little more seriously and we usually consistently play better than the Blue team...we also usually had practice every sunday. In previous scrimmages the Blue team has never beaten the Red team. I also have always played on the Red team when we scrimmage...did I say they play better and more serious.. :)

Well, our seasons have ended and a new coach was requested Rolive with wanted to just be a player. So...Special K stood up to the plate. This is what started it all. So...Special K coaching Tuesday Blue Team and Big K coaching Thursday Red team....You know it didn't take long for a challenge between Father and Son to arise. The plan was made and tonight is the big Showdown. My dilemma for a second was what team do I play on. I can't very well play on Big K's team...like i always do...Special K wouldn't really like that. So I'm resigned to take on my loyalties to the Red team and play with the Blue guys. I hope we beat the Red team but I know no matter what happens there will be BIG SMACK talking the whole game from Big K.

Stay tuned for update on the Softball Showdown May 2007.

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