Thursday, July 26, 2007


So...I've been working away at my "homework" scarf for Saturday at Stitchworm. I've messed up the pattern(that I kind of made up and switched and really don't have) and I feel like the needles are too big for the yarn...but otherwise it's going great. :) I'm enjoying it....despite my boyfriend's comments on how could I possibly be knitting in FLORIDA!!! It's hot out and I'm knitting. I try to explain that my plans are to make some dishcloths and these cute curtains I saw and a bath mat for a new house but I think it's falling on deaf ears. I also think he's just a bit jealous of the time I'm spending knitting(or reading knitting blogs) and not having my full attention on him.

Pic of my "homework" knit a couple days's longer now. :)
I kind of feel bad for the poor guy because I've been SUPER stressed over our move next month and getting ready for the new school year. I'm a teacher and I have to get my classroom in order, lesson plans started, and on top of that...I'm the tech person and we just got a new software to install and teach people how to use BEFORE school starts. :) So, you can understand why sitting and knitting and keeping my mind occupied can really help my stress levels. I sat down today and wrote out a list of things to be done at school and home. I also got boxes to start boxing up stuff. Special K and I have plans to rearrange my tech lab on saturday and I feel MUCH better.

Today to help me relax before cleaning, I took the pups to the dog park and read some of my first knitting book...Yarn Harlot's Knitting Rules. Which I've really enjoyed and love her wit.

I also asked to be a part of knitting bloggers and purling puppies web ring, so a couple new folks other than my boyfriend, sisters, brother, maybe my dad, and my boyfriend's mom might actually read some of this. If you are new WELCOME...forgive me now for my insanity.


  1. Oh your first project looks good! Don't worry about all the little things right now, just keep on knitting.
    Itmay feel to warm out to knit a scarf but when the tempature drops in winter you will be glad you knit it.

  2. Wow, another dog crazy lady knitter? Awesome.


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