Thursday, July 26, 2007

Stress, Shooting Range

I'm waiting for pictures of the shooting range to post more on that so stay tuned. I did have a great time and was so nervous the first shot then relaxed. :)

Stress....I tend to get very anxious and stressed before change. Don't get me wrong I like change but when it is about to know that waiting time after you've made a decision and before it comes to fruition....that time...that agonizing in my mind waiting time...where you have tons to do before this so called change but are so overwhelmed that you can't seem to figure out where to start... Yes..this is where I'm at. I've been clenching my jaw at night...making life close to unbearable for my poor, but wonderful boyfriend, and just being a mess. I've been trying to keep it together and keep distracted because hey when we have a problem isn't best to just not think about it... :) I've spent my time babysitting(not that I really had a choice), working at school, reading blogs, and knitting. Last night the egg cracked....I lost it and couldn't quite figure out how to not drag Special K down with me. I feel horrible about this but I just was so...lets say freaking out that I just lost it.(Special K is safe and well by the way)

I've since gained back control...started thinking about what is bothering me...made lists...and started cleaning. Cleaning is the first step to getting my mind back in order. It's a cleansing both literal and figurative way of starting to clear the clutter from my life.

I've spent time meditating and praying that I can regain some balance and semblance of a normal, sane person...not that I really will ever be what they call sane but close. :) I've already made plans for getting some things off my list and spent time at the dog park...which is always cathartic... :)

For's just making sure that Special K now doesn't want to run for the hills away from the crazy, insane, dog lady who just lost her marbles....but is trying to find them amongst all the dog hair that was just extracted from our apartment.

PS....I'm not as crazy as some but crazier than most.


  1. I remember the first time I went 'shooting'. Yes, I was nervous as all heck.

    But all that got injured were some cans and bottles in a ravine in Godforsaken, Utah, and it was fun! to watch those cans go flying!

    All I used was a .22 rifle, which doesn't have much of a kickback, so of course, later, when I used a rifle WITH a kick I couldn't use my arm for two days.

    Yeah, target shooting can be fun.

  2. I got to shoot a bunch of different guns. I liked the 9mm the best but it wasn't just a 9mm I guess it was a 45 that was fitted to use 9mm rounds. I actually want to go back and shoot some more which isn't what I thought I would feel like. :)


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