Monday, July 23, 2007

My homework.

Ricky at Stitchworm gave us homework of working on a scarf with whatever pattern we wanted. I started out three times and frogged two of them and then decided to just keep going. I'm learning and slowly getting better. So, here is a pic of what it's looking like so far. I've messed up my own made up pattern a couple times and I dropped a stitch or two but I think it looks great for my second real knitting piece ever. :) I've been knitting for a couple hundred rows so I just thought I got to the middle so now I'm going to purl the rest until I start the pattern again. That will give me some time to practice purling since I think I purl too tight. I'm working on size 10 1/2 needles on yarn that's for 8 but oh well. For now my homework is coming along great. I'll put up pics tomorrow. It's kind of late and I'm too lazy to upload pics right now.


Oh yeah. I went to Barnes and Noble today with Lil L while we were waiting for Nao and we looked at a bunch of knitting books. They were so much fun to read. I found that I really want Yarn Harlots Knitting Rules book. I think that will be my first Knitting read. We'll see. My fun purchases has to wait til friday. :) Lil L has gained some progress on her knitting too. :) She's working hard but seems to get distracted too. :)

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