Friday, July 27, 2007

Finished!!! YEAH!!! last night while Special K was playing guitar hero...I finished my "homework" scarf. :) I'm so excited that it's done. I took it with me and showed almost everyone I ran into today. :) I'm crazy remember this. :)

I even took it to another one of my LYS today, Needles and Knobs. She even said for my first knit it looks great. She said the stitches were loose a bit but very even. :) YEAH!!! I was excited. I really liked this LYS, she was really nice and the selection was beautiful..(more on this in a bit)

Ok, you knew this was coming.. :)

Abbs modeling the "homework" scarf...

Jackjack...reluctantly modeling the "homework" scarf... Needles and Knobs....of course I went by to just check it out but started talking to the lady about wanting to start doing some dishcloths after I finish my next scarf. She showed me some pretty yarn that of course she said was on sale and I caved. :) I got two skeins and I needed smaller needles and I was out the door.. :) Isn't it pretty....

So...before I start with the dishcloths I want to do Crazy Aunt Purl's Magic Scarf. I've liked it and figured I'd like to do one more scarf before I move on to other things...socks are not too far off. :) of my secret collection is socks. I've slowed way down and gotten rid of old ones and holey ones...because lets face it I live in florida and in flip flops but LOVE socks. :) So, I'd like to make them.

Tomorrow Lil L and I are heading to Stitchworm to learn some more. I'll let you know how it goes. :)


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    We are doing quite a bit of Guitar Hero here, too. The new 80's one... FUN!

  2. Oh, Your dogs are such great models!
    That is a beautiful first scarf!
    And you will love the Cascade Luna yarns by the way, it feels 'very squishy' after knitted!

    Hey for making dish cloths here are a couple of fun places places to visit!


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