Sunday, July 29, 2007


So...yesterday, Lil L and I went to Stitchworm. We had planned on going for about an hour....we stayed for three hours... Lil L did so good knitting and purling away and learning new stuff. She had a great time and enjoyed herself a lot. I didn't bring my camera this time so I don't have any photo documentation. :) We got her new needles and some new yarn to work on. I stuck to only getting new needles, a crotchet hook, and a reference book(not exactly the one I want yet but it was cheap and will help for now).

When I showed up and proudly displayed my "homework" scarf, Ricky said it looked great now frog it and let's work on some new stuff... I balked for a second but wanting to stick to a budget and not buy new yarn...I said ok. So, I frogged my "homework" scarf and I learned how to pick up dropped stitches, bind off some more, and how to pick up stitches. I had fun just playing around with my yarn. I'm not really creating anything with it but a mess but having fun doing it. I figured I'd work on different patterns and just create whatever comes to me.

Here's what I got so far.

I also showed her my CAP's Magic Scarf. I think it's looking great. Thursday I cast on and started the pattern and I'm really liking it. I worked on it more this morning after church while Special K was changing his tires.

It's just SO pretty...
Well, I plan on working on these two project for awhile but I've already figured out what kind of pattern I'm going to use for my first dishcloth so I'll show you when I get started. :)

Have a great Sunday afternoon... Special K and I are off to a movie...I'm not at the point where I can knit in movies so...I'll just pay attention to Special K and the movie. :) hehehe

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